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Hey ghouls, 

So next year is Monster High's 10 year you think anything will happen? Mattel have never officially announced Monster High is dead, and I'm curious why that they quite quickly announced EAH was over. Among my friends who are also MH collectors some of us have speculated that the reason behind their silence was because they're "planning something good!". Someone reminded me earlier this week that next year marks 10 years since this brand was released...and I wonder if anything will come of it? 

Right now, it's so quiet that I'd personally settle for a collector doll available online only (or even better a collector line! Maybe redesigns of the original ghouls they released in a collector style display case??). 

What do you think? Would you like to see a 10 year celebration? Do you think they have anything planned? What would you like to see happen to mark this amazing milestone?

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I sincerely doubt it. I mean it'd be awesome to see a reimagining of their original core 6 but this is Mattel, I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw Manhatten.

wow 10 years already, but I'm pretty sure Mattel will do nothing, if they do it wouldn't be something spectacular or amazing as collector dolls I mean look at Barbie and her 60th anniversary, all she got were cheaply made budget dolls, a line wearing stripe dresses to resemble the first ever Barbie but yeah not really, and careers dolls with cheap printed outfits, there was one collector doll for the occasion but I don't really get what it had to do with the anniversary at all, MH haven't gotten any new dolls in over 2 years now I don't think we'll be seeing them again anytime soon, though I would love a deluxe line of the core with 2 outfits, pets, stands and diaries like they used to, and the box design to be similar to the coffin boxes, their outfits and looks resembling their original appearances but revamped a little, or a reproduction of some of the best lines and or characters like my favourite Barbie line for her 50th but it's not gonna happen because Mattel are not like that anymore.


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