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I've seen a lot of people who were interested in a more advanced, so I've officially created one. I was RPing on another site that closed down without warning and without a chance to recover our data, so I fashioned the new site after bits of that old one, since it was run very efficiently. 


Anyway, for those interested, it is a Monster High RPG based on the webisodes (though you are allowed characters from the book, but they must be altered to fit the webisode storyline). You can be both canon (Mattel) characters or original characters you create. There is a 200 word post limit, so the posts will be required to be slightly larger and a bit more in-depth. I will also be looking for staff soon, so members who join now have a good chance of becoming a site mod.

Monster High


Hope to see you all there!

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hello im new here and i've read about the 'applications already' and im alittle lost but i'll find my way around! i  have created ALOT of mh characters but i'll choose two: Sleeta Mouth and Vernon Wright
                          Vernon Wan Wright
age: 17 my birthday just turned but your not INVITED!
Parents: 'Ginny' a serial killer (from 'happy birthday to me' 1980's horror movie)
KillerStyle: just nerdie things like: vests jeans sweaters sneakers? thats about it..
FreakyFlaw: do you ever get a sudden feeling that you wanna break or damage something or someone? well i inherited that from my happens to me ALOT! (exspecially at birthday parties) and i cant really hold back my distructive behavior and if i dont i get into alot of trouble...
Fav Colour: mmm....purple?
Fav Food: birthday cakes with alot of ICING!
Pet Peeve: i really makes my teeth grind when i see other monsters throw away invites! i think its really rude to see someone throw away an invitation?! like  wow i dont know why other monsters even bother invitng their " friends" and act like that!
Fav Activity: going to parties without trying to be 'distructive', and
bugging my lil sis Veronica about how silly she looks in her pink dress!! lol!
BFF's: Manny Taur,Veronica (sister) sometimes Health Burns
and last but not least my girlfriend:Carly Cook.
Fav Subject : Home Ick: i really like making different deserts like cakes! if Ms.Kindergrubber lets me.
Least Fav Subject:Math it bores me to the point i wind up eating my math notes and papers yuck!
Pet:Cookie is my family's house dog! she's a very good little friend to fang out with and she likes to chew on my sister's slippers! :D


when your done reading all of this please send me your feedback opinion please? and i really hoped you liked it!
i'll write sleeta mouth later! oh and i'll give you a small mini trivia on Vernon! here's a sample:i know you'd think Vernon would be considered a 'normie' .but have you watched movies where the villans are called 'monsters'? i think it makes sense because bad people were considered monsters! exp: in the little mermaid ariel called Ursila a 'monster' when she shrunk her dad! so i think its approprieate (spellings off) that villans like Vernon are considered monsters! right? thank you for reading this! feel free to comment (nicley please).



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