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A bona fide pop culture phenomenon and a massive global franchise in over 60 countries Monster High is ranked as the third biggest fashion doll brand a $1 billion franchise annually and a top 5 global property for girls! Monster High empowers girls to express their individuality and form friendships that last beyond a lifetime.

Now entering its 6th year in the market, in 2016 the brand will embark on an exciting new chapter to maintain its relevance to the ever changing consumer. As an exciting disruptive everygreen brand Monster High will continue to represent via the monster metaphor what it means to be different, unique and empowering girls to be themselves as Mattel leads the way in creating, maintaining and driving strong girl empowerment brands.

The key elements that make the brand disruptive will remain but now infused with more play in the product whilst adding renewed focus on the core characters and stories as well as marketing what the brand stands for. The brand will have a fresh new look with new contemporary colours and graphics whilst still incorporating the iconic signatures that make the brand unique and relatable to the core audience of 6-10 year olds. The fresh new feel will also incorporate new photo real brand imagery creating the emotional connection with the core audience whilst maintaining the brands humour and relatability and sense of community. The brand will also launch an exciting new multiyear brand campaign and new consumer rallying cry “How Do You Boo” encouraging consumers to embrace what makes them unique and share how they Boo. Working with celebrities and brands spokespeople the campaign will communicate what it means to boo, to be yourself and start a movement encourage girls to do the same. This will also be brought to life through an empowering new Monster High Anthem launched through a music video that will be amplified through social media and PR. This will be supported with an extensive marketing campaign across multiply touch points and will be localised in key countries across the EuRoMEA region.

Entertainment will still be a key focus with the successful tentpoles as Monster High is ranked #2 children’s direct to video franchise. In Spring, join favourite ghoulfriends of Monster High in an all-new aquatic adventure, Great Scarrier Reef (70 minutes). In Fall fans will be treated to the untold origins story of Monster High and the Monsters that live among us (70 minutes).

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I'm excited for this reboot now it's official. The new faces are cute, but they're refreshing and a change from six years of the same thing. The new packaging looks fun too. It's probably not enough to warrant me buying them though.

As of right now, my only negative comment about the reboot is the smiles. not into that tbh

Do they have the same face molds as before or do they all share a brand new one?

I hate it. I really freaking hate it. Look how cute they are? Bletch. That's not what attracted me to mh, I liked them because they were edgy, different, unique and more grown up than anything else on the market. They had a sort of teen vibe to them, being part doll part action figure. These new faces are like Moxie Girlesk. Very cute, but ultimately a bit too generically CUTE.

There's plenty of cutesy girly stuff on the market and I feel like this takes away from MH's uniqueness, making it just like everything else out there. Cute, baby faced, SAFE.

It's like they're resorted to their "safety net" of 6 year old girls, and I find that upsetting. MH was unique in that it appealed to tweens and above, it was like a transitional doll for those growing out of barbie and other cutesy childish things.

This reboot, the new faces? Really feel like they've decided they don't like that niche market and would rather have preschoolers. I think that's pretty shortsighted and honestly really depressing for those of us who've been here since the start.

MH was a breath of fresh air in a very stale doll market, this feels like a massive step back into the status quo.

I shall not be collecting these, they're not MH as far as i'm concerned. They're "Moxie High", clearly aimed at a market I haven't been part of in a good few decades.

What strikes me as really odd here though is that the last thing they gave us were multi limbed bizarre mermaids, something strange and cool and very unique. And now they're gonna ditch that and pander to the safe and cute market? Bleh, how boring.

Looks like we'll not see any more crazy 8 limbed spider girls, I can probably kiss the idea of a naga goodbye and I seriously doubt we'll get more boys after this. If the target market is very young girls, they won't bother with relationship drama right? so I am doubtful we'll see those missing guy dolls.

No Gory or Bram either, how could they do them justice with such animetastic faces? And what about Quill?

Gosh i'm disappointed.

I really felt like MH was taking risks and they were paying off, but it looks like they got scared and decided instead to retreat back into the comforting safeness of Barbie-ville.

I'm actually really upset. I don't like this direction, it's too childish, too cute, too... much like every other bloody doll on the market right now. *sigh*

That video is a joke. "daring to be different" what, by making your product look generic and pandering to a cutesy girly aesthetic of cliche?

"some people say monster high is too dark and scary" yeah, that's WHY WE LIKED IT!

ffs Mattel, you're imbeciles. People liked MH because it was dark, it was edgy, it was unique. The dark element was what made it successful! Eugh, fricken idiots. If we wanted pink cutesy crap we'd buy moxie girls or barbie.

Is Garret Sanders even around any more? It doesn't seem like it.

I really hope this fails. I want them to go back to what MH originally was. MH was a tween doll line,but seeing as they changed the age recommendations..6-10..I doubt that'll happen again.

I am not saying these are ugly, they're cute actually. But cute is not what I signed up for.

Core means more and more samey dolls of boringness. Doesn't work with MH. MH is more like action figures in that the dolls are premade fleshed out characters. Your play is less about making her into "whatever you want" and more playing with her like you'd play with action figures, you've been given an existing character rather than making your own. Barbie encourages more of that "make your own" with their dolls having no real name and identity but MH they have personalities and styles sorta set in stone. How many of the same character does a kid want or need for play? Making endlessly new characters encouraged that "gotta catch them all" mentality that exists in all kids, and is particularly useful when marketing something like action figures. Most kids won't want 20 darth Vaders for instance, they'll want one luke, one leia, one han, one vader so they can play out scenes. MH is much like that, so fixating on only a small cast may allow them to develop them more but it won't sell more dolls.

This is a very good point.  I also agree that Monster High appealed to the tween market, but this new direction seems to cater more to the younger set and will most likely have more self-imposed limitations.

wow, I kinda hope I dont like any of the new dolls in this new style and its ends my MH collecting. I can concentrate on older MH dolls I skipped out on due to lack of funds & focus my money and time on other doll lines. Whatever happens, bring it on...

Hello, mechagirl,

That's kinda how I feel, too, although these new dolls are too addictive for me.  :)

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf

This is sickening. I'm so disappointed and confused. Whatever, at least I'll have more money now. Once I get Ghouls Getaway Jane and Elissabat, I won't be saying "goodbye". No, I'll be targeting my Arsenal directly toward whatever prick made the genius move to singlehandedly rip apart (no pun) everything dark and fabulous in this once-glorious line of dolls in an already over-saturated world of Barbie Goes To Ballet Class trash. And then I'll say goodbye.

Oh for poop sake here, this is too much. Well its official, I'm out.  My beloved Frankie is finished, done-kaput-that pic of her reminds me of Spongebob being normal. It was fun while it lasted. So long ghouls. My mom used to say-I'm so mad I could spit !!


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