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Mods not sure if this belongs here but feel free to move it if it does not. 

I recently got a second shelving unit to display my latest purchases (anything released from May 2014 to September 2014)  and I have noticed a rather disturbing trend - Missing Stands! I have  Freaky Fusions Budgets (Scarah and Frankie have theirs Ghoulia and Operetta do not) missing them, Invisi Billy, Wydowna and my Mansters Two Pack. Normally I would think that they were stolen and not a QC issue but upon closer inspection on the packaging cardboard where the stand would be held the stamping is there but it has not been released from the cardboard (if that makes sense) which leads me to believe a stand was never included in the package when it left the factory.

This is SO incredibly frustrating for me because I stockpile my dolls and tend to display them every few months meaning I lose out on returns/exchanges or the doll becomes hard to find (Billy). While I have grown accustomed to checking for factory defects/opened items now I'm going to be checking for the stands too. Is anyone else noticing this in store or after you open the doll? Can I call Matel's CS?


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Mattel's Customer service does stock extra doll stands, though they are only black and not yellow like the Freaky Fusion ones.  If you're in the US, they will likely send you replacements with no issue.

My Freaky Fusion Ghoulia had no stand. I returned her mainly because of wonky eyes I couldn't see (her head was turned in the box) but the one I exchanged for had a stand. My Legacy Day Ever After High Briar had a boy clip with her stand that was too big. I called Mattel asking about another clip and they sent me a whole new doll. The reason being they "couldn't just send one piece." Weird but whatever....


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