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I need help. I've heard fans talking about the new monster high mag but I have no idea what it's like, how much it is, etc.
It would really help if someone could post a pic or video or just give me info.

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Its £2.99, available in most English supermarkets or newsagents. Comes with a bracelet, and is your general kids/girly magazine with mh stories, fashion, and horoscope pages. Also has a couple of nice posters in. Hope this helps

Glad to hear that there's going to be another one. I got the special issue last December and I really enjoyed it so, yeah, I'm happy.


Is it in America or just overseas?

Thanks, guys!

theres the magazine.

I found it in a small WHSmiths today

Oh I like that bracelet.  It would be an awesome collectible, since Im a guy and would never wear it.  It's a cool item though.  Especially for die-hard collectors. =)

Yeah I got that yesterday. It's really cool and fangtastic.

Looks like it's only in the UK.

Hearty Tarts said:

Is it in America or just overseas?

Yep. UK Only. I got it, but as im a collector,and a boy, im just keeping the Fashion gifts as collectors items. Im gonna get the Black lace glove next month as the item instead of the pink one.

Im so new to this!!!


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