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The doll collecting world is rather dull and sad at the moment. I work in a department store, on the toy department of all places...and my place of work as well as any local toy stores, bargain stores, and supermarkets are depressing me each visit. Where are the dolls? Where's Monster High gone? It's just all a little sad. 

I know this will seem very negative, but sometimes it's good to dig into the sadder or darker aspects of our feelings in order to reflect, grow and to let go of some emotions. 

So today I wanted to share with you some of my biggest regrets when it comes to my Monster High doll collecting...and I was wondering if anyone can relate to any of them, or have similar stories to share?

I'd just like to add's not all doom and gloom. For each one of these "regrets" Monster High also brought me ten good, and amazing experiences. Anyway, here goes; 

1) The decline of collecting

I wasn't allowed dolls as a child, but I loved dolls! So of course, the moment I turned into a teenager and had the choice to do with my money as I wished, I began doll collecting. My first Monster High doll was Abbey Bominable's first release. I got her in November 2011! From there my collection took hold and I once had nearly 200 MH dolls. Well, at the end of 2014, going into joy in collecting started to dimmer. I grew tired of MH and the fact they were increasingly growing harder and harder to find for me, they were expensive, and they seemed to be releasing twenty new dolls a day! I couldn't keep up. I also was focusing pretty intently on my education/training at this point in time. Planning hard for university. I stopped collecting. And I missed out on so much because of it! This is my biggest regret because I missed out on so many cool MH releases :/ 

2) The great B&M regret

Here in the UK we have a bargain/discount store called "B&M". The stores sell pretty much everything from makeup to furniture, to toiletries and even food...and of course toys! Back in 2014-2017 B&M had shelves upon shelves on Monster High and Ever After High dolls. My local store had practically an entire half an aisle dedicated just to Monster High and Ever After High. And the prices!! The dolls were a range of prices...budget lines were £5-£8 whereas deluxe lines were almost never more than £10, usually less. They even had playsets and similar for £10-£20. Of course, if you read my #1 regret'll know that between 2014/15 to 2017 I stopped collecting. So though I saw all these deals...I never got to take advantage of them and enjoy my monsters :/ 

3) Toys R Us

I grew up in the middle of nowhere. No, seriously I did. I often hear people say they live in "the middle of nowhere" when they live in towns that have at least 4-5 stores, a supermarket, a restaurant or two and charity/second hand shops. I grew up in a village called Aberffraw...we had one tiny post office that closed at 5pm (12pm on tuesdays), and one pub. That's it. If I wanted to go shopping? I'd have to travel for an hour to the nearest town or city. My nearest Toys R us was a 2 and a half - 3 hour travel going to Toys R us was a HUGE treat for me. I wish I'd been near a TRU in the prime of my collecting back in 2011-2013. Well, in 2016 I moved to a city that had a TRU! A twenty minute walk from my apartment! Yay! But, of course, I wasn't collecting at this point in time. I did go there a few times...but never bought anything. I remember seeing dozens of Isi Dawndancer dolls, Whisp sets, Ghouls getaway, the sports line with Clawdeen as a baseball player etc. But I wasn't collecting. Then, the moment I DO start collecting again? TRU shuts down. The saddest part is...a few weeks before they shut down I noticed they had a "Buy one get one free" on ALL MH products! Super regret. 

4) Poundworld 

Another bargains store here in the UK was 'Poundworld'. Back in 2016 Poundworld got the "Freak Du Chic" dolls in store. Poundworld's "thing" is that everything in store in £1, but they eventually began selling things for more than £1. I can't remember how much the Freak Du Chic dolls were but...I now can't find them very easily in box at all. The fact I held Twyla, Clawdeen, Jinafire and Frankie Freak Du Chic in my hands at one point but didn't buy them from a bargain £1 shop frustrates me so so much. 

The biggest correlation between all these regrets? I never worried MH would ever die. The concept of MH not being around was a ridiculous and absurd concept to me. I thought MH would be around for many more years to come. And now looking back I'm so sad I didn't see this coming. Nowadays I get excited when I see a MH necklace in a pound shop, or a MH lunch box in a charity shop. That's how deprived of my ghouls I feel. 

Anyways, I'm sorry if this was negative and sad. But please, do feel free to comment or share your similar regrets if you think it'll help you at all! 

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I don't think it is negative. It is ok to regret not buying things when you could especially now that MH are discontinued.

I have a few regrets but not big ones. I regret not buying Jinafire and Cleo Gloom and Gloom. They were reduced in Argos. I never stopped collecting MH but I had a "rebellious" phase... I refused to buy dolls with the head full of glue! lol So I did not buy G&G Cleo and Jinafire because I checked their heads and they were full of glue!! Shame, they are so rare and they were reduced! lol How silly! I did the same with the Fright Camera Action dolls too. I have found Elissabat new in box and Viperine in perfect condition in car boot sales years after. At least, they were bargains. It ended well for these! I don't really have big regrets because I have so many Monster High dolls I love...

What I regret is the time when the dolls section was exciting and creative. Where are our beautiful Monsters, our fabulous Novis, our rebel Princesses, Moxie Teenz, Project MC2 and the reboot Bratz? Yes, sad...


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