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 Cleo rallied up the school and announced ,"Ghoulia has made a time machine!" All awed in its glory.

(Your Turn!)

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Just then sparks screeched out of the time machine as Cleo yelled, "There has been some technical difficulties!" Soon everybody was in the 17th century (otherwise known as the 1600s) Monsterville wearing old-fashioned clothing. Cleo cried and cried because she had no real gold.

(OK, I changed the title.) Soon every monster had fit in just fine, except for a few odds and ends. But then a storm came and ruined every house. So they went into the woods and tried to think of how to get to the 21st Century. Many of them missed their parents, pets, and relatives.

(Oooopsie, forgot to write the RP part.....but shouldn't this be in Roleplaying if it's an RP....I'll just re-locate it then, OK. Oh, yes, and I'll be Ghoulia. But then I want the twins.....I love the twins! And I guess Cleo, since I started with her. You can pick some more if you want!)  Ghoulia slowly deciphered the paragarph and Cleo told it in English. "To go forward in time, you must go to the Danala Waterfalls and sacrifice one monster," said Cleo. There was a map at the bottom.

(Well, OK, as long as I get the white one, Meowlody, right? And can I have Robecca? You can have anybody else u want.)

(That's super fine, Tora :)  "Well , obviously, YOU, Tora! Why would we pick anybody else?"said Cleo. "Oh, really? Well, I vote for YOU, Cleo De Nile! What do you think,sister?" purred Meowlody.

"Why, yes, that is a fine vote, my dear sister," purred Meowlody back.

"Duece....he came here but where is he now? Oh, yeah, he started datin a cyclops named Eyerene Sight. Huh...what a caring boyfriend," said Meowlody.

"You can't do nothin but sacrifice yourself!" Meowlody put her claw in Cleo's face.


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