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A few members were suspended recently because they send chain email spam to other members.

All of them were send a message explaining that. If you were suspended and did not see the message, it may be because you have not provided a working email for your account here.

If you were suspended and want to come back, send me a nice message and explain that you will not spam again. "What did I do"? will not cut it.

Please understand that NO ONE likes getting spam, even more so from friends.
So do not respond to those "forward this immediately" messages.

Thanks for understanding.


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i have had LOADS of chain mail. i dont know if you want to hear who from though.

Dear God.People still do that nowadays?? And here I thought every1 was soo busy with their lives !!

lol seems i had some sent to me starting way back in may and only just noticed i had them.

I got one also. I mean why carry it on when ya know your gonna getbsuspended!!

Keep getting these, keep messaging them back telling them to stop sending them. Does the stupid never stop? I mean seriously how braindead do you have to be to send this stuff on? Scaleen Scales sent one a few hrs ago. I didn't open it, nor forward it. Just thought I'd let you know.

A lot of my friends sent me the same stupid chain mail about 32 years of bad luck. So I sent a message to all my friends telling them that if they do decide to send chain mail (which they shouldnt), dont send it to me.

I got one first on here actually.  From HoloTheWiseWolf.  They seem to not have a profile anymore so I'm guessing they were suspended.  Which is good....hate spam mail.

that's terrible
Jenna the Backgrounder said:

i was threatened because i didnt forward one...they told me to kill myself...

Oh, the people I got chain mail from were Sally, PinkiePiefan10, and a few others that I deleted messages from. I think I also unfriended them but I can't remember who. I think PinkiePiefan10 got suspended because I can't find her on here anymore
Did you tell a mod? Im pretty sure you get suspended for sending death threats. (Wish I was a mod :P)

Jenna the Backgrounder said:

i was threatened because i didnt forward one...they told me to kill myself...

Seriously it's like back in the this site called I got chain mail @ least 5 times a day..But the death threats are really too much ,obviously some disoriented people don't know where they are standing or sitting.Too much time on their hands.Showing how inmature they are.I hope the mods do something like blocking all chain mail? I'm sure that's possible with technology now right?


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