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Hey there, 

So I finally decided to buy myself a Batsy Claro...but unfortunately her arm joint is a bit weird. In her elbow joint, whenever I move her arm it falls out of the socket :/ The only other doll this happens with is my Original Deuce from Wave 1.

Anyone else experienced this?? Is there any way to fix it??


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Try wrapping a stretchy band (the clear ones that come with MH dolls) around the peg until it fits in snugly.

You can also put a dab of glue onto the end of the peg, let it dry, then insert it again. the glue will bulk out the joint.

I usually fix floppy knees with the elastic bands from teh box lol, same with wobbly heads.

If you have one small enough you can do what Sammy suggested.

Seems sometimes they miscast those little ball stoppers or they get a bit overzealous cleaning out the excess plastic from the socket and it ends up too big. You need to create some friction and reduce that space.

Hot glue works a treat, but failing that some pva/craft glue should work as well. If using hot glue, let it dry before inserting it. If using pva you can shove the arm back in because pva is really weak and as it dries it will stop the joint coming out unless you pull, at which point the glue will just come out as a little glob.

Elastic does the same thing, it creates friction and shrinks the space, making the fit snugger and less prone to slipping.

The methods suggested work best, just be sure to let any super glue dry for 30 minutes to 1 hour before assembly or you may glue the joint in place. 3-10 minutes may look dry but it can still stick a joint.


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