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Hi! Im looking at all offers to buy monster high dolls. Im residing in singapore so if you live there or do international shipping to singapore i would love to see your dolls for sale! Wishlist are rochelle , catrine, catty, robecca , male dolls but i will be looking at other dolls as well! Thanks for reading!

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Hi, are you looking for New In Box or loose?

Anything is fine ! I would like to see some pics

All loose dolls are on my Flickr. The prices are from 12+ months ago so please don't view them as a firm offer. But I will be flexible if you are buying several dolls (which would also better utilize international shipping costs).


If you want me to look for new in box dolls, I need to know exactly which ones you're looking for and that will take me a few days to find them in storage.

Hi!  I have a loose 13 wishes Gigi and the original Werecats twins.

How much are they?

Feel free to make me an offer  :)

are you still looking? cause i've got a lot of nude dolls 4 sale.

Yes i am
Hey! I have a lot of dolls for sale. The usual prices are 40€ including international shipping. But you wanna buy more than one, I can give you a discount. :)


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