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Don't get me wrong, there are dolls of each character which i love, but then there are a few i don't care for.

For example, I tend to like almost all Draculaura dolls, however i didn't care for Dead tired wave 2 Draculaura, , Powder room Draculaura, or the Coffin Bean Draculaura.

Does anyone else feel similar about a particular doll from a character you otherwise love?

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Also, let me add that I really dislike RM Operetta (the green streaks and the ponytail don't work for me), and Operetta's eyes in the later versions (DDG and RM to be exact, her Kohl's exclusive is fine)

I disliked the entire Roller Maze collection. It had potential to be cute but they just gave them all boring dresses and skates, thinking green streaks would make it all better.

I also don't like most Ghoulias. The only ones I have are Basic (to complete basics) Skull Shores and Dawn of the Dance.

I don't like Deuce's dolls either. I'd give my Basic one to my sister except then I wouldn't have the complete line.

I really dislike the entire Gloom Beach line, Abbey's new face-up after skull shores, and the Kohl's exclusive dolls, yuck! I also dislike a lot of the Ula'D dolls (but when I like a draculaura, I really love her). Same with Clawdeen, when she is done well, then she is really done well and is a must have but otherwise yuck! (little dead riding wolf was a must have, and original clawdeen was awesome)

I love Ghoulia's character, but her Skull Shores doll is my least favorite MH doll overall.  All the other Ghoulias I at least like.

Operetta's basic doll I adore, and her DDG doll is nice, but her Dance Class and Roller Maze versions leave me cold.

The DDG 3-pack (Abbey, Ghoulia, Draculaura) is a no go for me.  None of them are attractive to me in the least.


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