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I've seen a lot of articles saying it wasn't at toy fair so its done, but not that long ago the tree doll came out. Does anyone have any information or ideas about whats actually going on?

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Soooo...the fandom has basically concluded they're completely done for and over with. Like sure, Garden Ghouls and such are fairly recent but there have been no dolls since, no news of any dolls, they haven't posted on their social media pages since March and dolls that were scheduled for like summer/fall 2018 still haven't been released. 

One theory is that they're keeping the brand alive due to their collaborations with other companies that is still bringing them money. 

Mattel itself officially keeps saying that Monster High "creeps on" (they've responded to people on twitter with something like "Monster High creeps on! Dolls can be found in retailers nationwide") they've admitted though that Ever After High is officially discontinued. 

There has also been rumors about the director of the latest "Goosebumps" movie series that apparently he's currently working on a live action Monster High movie. Rumors of a live action movie have been around since like 2012 though, so I'm not sure what to think of that. 

My personal theories sway between - nope, they're over with. It's over. Bye bye, monster high, for now at least. And then on the other hand a piece of me thinks - maybe they're currently planning something new? Would they really let a brand this big just die like that? They may possibly just be taking a break as they rethink their way around the brand. 

It doesn't look good though. They can say on Twitter that the dolls can be "found in stores nationwide" all they want, but more and more retailers are getting rid of them. Here in the UK you can now only find the dolls in bargain stores and clearance stores, no new retailers stock them anymore...and if they do, they're usually in the clearance section. 

Even if they are gone though, I doubt they'll be gone for good. Mattel is known for rebooting toy lines...sometimes as purely collector lines. So who knows, maybe in a few years we'll have a collector series or yet another reboot. 

I'm tired of people saying it's the reboot that killed the line though. I've been on this forum since 2011 and people began complaining that "Monster High is terrible and starting to lose their details and uniqueness" back when Ghouls Rule came out. There's something about this fandom that just can't appreciate what they have until it's gone...I remember when Ever After High was initially released people on this forum did nothing but complain about their "emotionless" face moulds, yet when we got new face moulds with smiles and smirks suddenly they wanted the old back. I remember when new Monster High lines would come out people would tear them apart (such as freak du chic, boo york, zombie shake etc) but now they're highly sought after and people use them as examples of "what they should go back to doing". Like sure, maybe the reboot was the tipping point that truly pushed collectors out...but let's not all pretend people weren't complaining constantly about new dolls waaay before that.

garden ghouls was like the begining of the year? since then no releases. Mattel are doing what they did with EAH, lying about it. They clearly aren't producing new stuff or we'd have seen it  hitting shelves already.

I mean they lied for nearly 2 years about EAH before finally admitting they'd quietly discontinued it.

and the dolls can't be found in stores as they've pretty much ALL been clearanced. Certainly here in the Uk they are GONE from shelves and have been gone for 9 months or more.

the reboot happened because sales were declining anyway. The life span of a toy line is usually only about 5 years and they simply weren't getting new people in to replace the ones aging out. Mattel also seemed to always be baffled and frightened by the success of MH with tweens, teens and adults rather than their "planned demographic" so the reboot was in part a way to try to get new people in and in part a way to try to force the demographic they WANTED rather than embracing the one they had. Which I feel was a little short sighted as 6-10 year olds age out, whereas teens grow into adult toy collectors so are a market with substantially more longevity. But they are fussier... and not as easy to market to with this "collect them all more more more" mentality I suppose.

Still, MH was already starting to stagnate when the reboot happened. Unfortunately i'm of the opinnion the reboot just accelerated the inevitable, it alienated older collectors by retconning everything they'd come to love about the canon, wiped the slate clean and lost a lot of the goth appeal. But I do think the line would have eventually puttered out regardless as let's face it, they were starting to run short of ideas and cheapness was already setting in.

Maybe in 10 years time we'll get a nostelgic reboot but for now I think Mattel are best to let it lay. Kids aged out, collections are being sold on ebay, the bubble burst and it was a good run while it was going but things end. Not every toy brand is Barbie and Barbie is, let's face it, rather an anomoly. Toy lines just don't last that long. Heck, look at other BIG lines like Transformers who's original run only lasted 7 years (would you think it?), MLP who lasted about 10 before being rebooted (and their g2 reboot failed catastrophically as well), Polly Pocket was about 9 year and even He-Man was only about 6 years before being rebooted as "the new adventures".

point is, toy lines DO NOT last forever and eventually interest wanes, what was fresh and new and cool ceases to be so and it's onto the next thing. But a lot of these huge lines DO come back after a while, because good ideas and trends come back around.

So I wouldn't be surprised to see MH make a comback but I think it's 5-10 years from now, not next year as some people seem to hope.

another nail in the coffin is the fact that fashion dolls as an industry is suffering a huge downturn in popularity right now. Why? well some would argue it's because electronics have taken over but i'm not so sure it's not simply that there isn't anything innovative and inspiring out there to capture people's imaginations the way MH did back in 2011.

add to that the quality issues as the reboot continued. it started out fairly decent if you could get over the cutsie faces and ignore the retconned nonsense backstory but then they introduced the gappy flawed bodies and it all kinda went to hell.

the price kept rising and the quality kept dropping.

which sadly, isn't exclusive to MH. Mattel have done this across ALL their lines, including collector level barbie!

Likewise MGA haven't exactly been pulling out all the stops with their QC either. (look at the rebooted collector Bratz, ouch)

basically, companies aren't putting the effort into creating products worth (to the general public) the price tag.

We're also in a massive global recession, times are really hard for millions of people and sorry when you're reliant on foodbanks like so many in my country are (and presumably so many in the US as well) you kinda have more important things to worry about than buying DOLLS.

so i'm not really surprised that toy sales are slumping. People don't have the damn money to buy toys!

I have reached a point of feeling so disappointed with what I see in shops that I phoned an independent toy shop to ask them if they had any MH or PMC2 dolls. This shop used to stock MH. The manager told me MH dolls have been discontinued by Mattel. I know it already but to hear it so directly was not great. She said MH had a good run. Still...sigh

This shop never stocked PMC2. They were too expensive and nobody was asking for them. I know they are not MH but it is interesting to know why.

The people in the Mattel store in France told me months ago MH was over because they don't receive anything new. I will check when I will go there at Christmas to see if they have anything left.

Monster High were very successful so we can find a lot of the dolls second hand reasonably priced easily (unlike Moxie Teenz and PMC2). It is a sort of consolation I suppose.

I do believe Garrett Sander left Mattel because they discontinued MH and massacred the line before doing so. I have a few reboot dolls but there is no doubt that it is NOT the same as it was. It does not compare.

The bad quality of dolls is not a Mattel exclusive. They are all like this. I have seen an unboxing of PMC2 on Youtube and the doll had marks on her face straight out of the box (I thought it was only mine because I bought it from TK Maxx. LOL Paranoid!!) The person also had a PMC2 doll where the lower leg was falling straight out of the box, did not stay in place and had to be glued! Well, well, well...

I can't imagine any future doll line being as creative, unique and extraordinary as MH was. These dolls were fantastic. I would have never become so strongly passionate about dolls without MH. I started to really collect seriously because of MH. I started to become nuts about dolls because of MH! Before, I just liked dolls and was be a very occasional collector. Also at the time, there were other great dolls around Novi Starz, MT (I never saw one in shops but they were around), Ever After High... All gone.

Talking about global recession, I see a huge number of people shopping frantically in London at the moment. They scare me. I suppose people who can't afford to buy anything don't go out this time of year.

well this time of year is splurge splurge splurge.

I refuse to go out, I do all my christmas shopping months in advance because screw the crowds.

but man, with the vote tonight... whoo eee... expect that pound to crash even more. Dark times man, dark times.

I know what you mean. I wish I did not have to go out!

I hope the Pound will not crash even more. This bloody B (I don't even want to pronounce it or write it anymore!) is a disaster.

The Mommy Brigade killed Monster High. There's nothing new in the works, no big surprise coming. If it tries to rear its ugly head again, the Mommy Force will be there to stomp it down and protect our innocent babies

nah, the mommy brigade moaned for years. they achieved nothing. 6 years is a long time for a toy franchise, you really think the controversy was somehow worse in year 6 than year 1? naaaaah.

Most likely I think when Mattel got cheap to hey though no one would care and they were wrong. Once they started the molded on clothes and the nearly no extras people just gave up on buying cause they weren't even buying good dolls. They made 5 point dolls wearing painted on swimsuits for mh and that is the cheapest you can go for a doll line. 

does mattel even have much besides barbie these days? seems like their just killing anything that isn't barbie in the dolls department


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