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Is it just me or Does Kitty Cheshire (doll) look odd? Maybe it is just mine?

First I am very grateful for my Kitty.  But there is something about her that I just can't get over.  

At first I thought it was that her hat was attached to a headband.  So I removed the headband part.

Then I thought it was the fact she had white stripes in her eyes.  So I painted over the stripes.

Then I thought it was because her eyes had only only color so I added a lighter blue.

Then I realized her eyes are even supposed to be blue, but 2 shades of an aqua(ish) color.  So I thought finally I solved it.  I repainted her eyes the proper colors.  But still there is something about Kitty that I can not place my finger on.  I have only ever seen her online and I know the promo pics are always different from the actual dolls.  I think mine looks similar to actual pics of Kitty, not promo pics.  I know my Kitty's left ear was smashed completely into her head and maybe that distorted her face/head a bit?  I have been working on the ear an it's not so much against her head now but still not as it should be.  Then I thought maybe her eyes are too far apart?  Does anyone notice anything off with her?  I am not trying the critique Kitty's doll in general, just my specific Kitty.  Thank you for any observations you may have.

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hmmm there is something a bit off about her isn't there? I think it's all kitty dolls though, that smile is a little too small for her character, her skin tone makes her look a bit sick and her eyes are frightfully blank looking making her look a bit well.. stoned honestly.

I'm not sure what would fix that though. Like a lot of the eah dolls she has this big ol' flat moon face and widely spaced eyes, they're a little too far apart which makes her face look weird. I also feel like the blonde eyebrows mess up the aesthetic.. I mean, why are her eyebrows blonde? It makes no sense. I mean in her artwork the eyebrows are black aren't they? or at least dark.

You're right about her eyebrows!  Ok that is something.  Also I just noticed they are much to wide and close to her eyes.  Maybe I will get brave enough to mess with her eyebrows.  I also think its something with her eyelashes maybe?  To sparse and far apart?  Anyway thank you

Her eyebrows are obviously blonde because the EAH designers can obviously not afford to add a possible POC you guys!
(imo its probably the eyebrows being blonde,they'd look better at least as either dark brown or a much darker purple.
The purple skin throws everything off for me.

I think she's possessed by an evil spirit!

Lol! ;-)

if you`re comparing her to the show version her lips are darker in the show, and her eyebrows are more thin and purple, not brown.

I couldn't take it any longer and was lucky enough to order a second Kitty.  I think whatever it was that caused her ear to be squished into her head caused her face to be flatter than normal.  Hopefully my 2nd Kitty will look normal.


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