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I was just wondering that since i have both draculaura and frankie basic style, then what doll should i get next?? Any rercommendations? Thanks if you have any tips! :)

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Well, i really plan to just take professional pictures, but once in a while i play with the toys. my dad wants me to practice being a professional photographer, but i should practice on dolls first. So what doll would you think would look best with my Frankie Basic and Draculaura Basic dolls?
clawdeen. for the 3 bffs. or ghoulia with a barbie camra like she is taking pics. =^.^=
I was thinking Clawdeen, just because it would complete the BFF group in the MH series! :) And my Mom really likes Clawdeen, so I'm hoping I get Clawdeen with my money and get Lagoona or the gift set for my B-day ((July 16th))...

i would say clawdeen because there her bbfs


Jackson! He is cuter in doll form!
If you haven't gotten her should get a Lagoona for an Atlanta Doll and have the sisters if you get two of Lagoona! :)
hey same with me
clawdeen then they could be bffs


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