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I decided to go out for the day and went to KMART and their Monster High stock was as follows;


2 Lagoona Blue's Plushies

1 Ghoulia Yelps Classroom

1 Lagoona Blue Classroom

4 Frankie Steins School's Out

1 Clawdeen Wolf School's Out

1 Cleo De Nile School's Out

1 Jackson Gloom Beach

2-3 Draculaura Gloom Beach

1 Cleo De Nile Gloom Beach

1-3 Ghoulia Dead Tired

1-3 Draculaura Dead Tired

1-2 Cleo De Nile Dead Tired

1-2 Day at the Maul Fashion Packs

1-4 Lagoona Blue Dawn of the Dance

1-4 Deuce Gorgon Dawn of the Dance

1 Cleo De Nile Dawn of the Dance

2 Lagoona Blue Dead Tired


Thats about it, no sign of the video game there. But when I stopped at the maul I went to GameStop and bought the brand new Monster High Ghoul Spirit video game for the Nintendo DS. The guy told me he had just put out the games this morning and there were only 2 in stock! So he handed me a brand new one instead of the one on the shelf.

So if your looking for the game looks like you may be outa luck or in luck check your GameStop, Toys R Us!


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