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Hi! I got some snap star dolls for real cheap, but they have black stains all over their bodies! Is there any way to get them out!

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Sadly, no... the material their bodies are made out of make it nearly impossible to remove stains from. If you use Acetone it will eat the vinyl, and rubbing alcohol does nothing AT ALL. I would just suggest dressing them accordingly to "hide" the stains as best as humanly possible. 

That sucks, but thanks for letting me know

You're welcome, sorry to be the bearer of bad news...

I presume this is the Yuki doll?

yep, yuki. No wonder she was on sale! lol at least i got doll phones and some wigs to use

I feel bad for sharing her on sale now. So sorry!

its all good lol I got nice shoes and doll phones and some wigs

The stockings are the only reason I want her! I missed out on Monster Gaga MH doll, and NEED black fishnets for my Draculaura doll!

It is a shame. I have Yuki as well so I suppose she has stains too. I have read somewhere before that her stockings are staining her body. It happens sometimes. I have a Bleeding Edge Goth doll with this problem. I know it happened on Sasha study abroad too, luckily not on mine.

I hate when black stocking stain dolls like that, Also the dark pink jacket that came with MH ILF Iris stained her arms. I tried the zit cream method but it didnt do much to fix it. :\

The zit cream has been a disaster for me when I used it. It damaged a Frankie doll even more. I will not attempt to use it again.

My Yuki doll has light stains due to the stockings but nothing else. It is a shame. I guess she will just have to wear this outfit only! lol or trousers!

I guess it depends on the type of doll vinyl and the color.


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