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Hi how many monster high dolls do you have

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Currently I have 15.


i have over 70

I have around 30 then i stopped counting.  >.< 

I THINK I have 28... That is if Toralei was my 25th... Nefera, Operetta, Rochelle, and Jackson. Wait no 29. I have 29 dolls.

21. But I'm selling a few in my post.

I have 38. I had more, but I sold some and am hoping to sell more.

please keep on replying guys this is great update me when ever you want

Oldest daughter has 18, youngest has 7. Clawdeen and Howleen are on the way, and I have Operetta and Rochelle tucked away for future gift giving

I have 18 or 19 if you count Frankie's head lol

I've got:

1-5 Gloom Beach Five Pack

6 Dead Tired Ghoulia (wearing Bratz clothing because she isn't tired right now lol)

7 Basic Abbey

8 Classroom Lagoona

9-10 Cleo Deuce 2 pack

11 The Frankie Stein that came with her pet keychain (I think she's a basic schools out version?)

12 Skull Shore Frankie Stein

13 Wave 2 Clawdeen

14 Wave 1 Draculaura

15 Classroom Ghoulia

16 Basic Operetta

17 The Dragon CAM

18 And the Werewolf CAM (Minus the ears) on Gloom Beach Frankie Stein's body, wearing a random assortment of clothing.)

19. Frankie's poor head, but for the sake of having a body, I put it on a Moxie Girlz body and it looks very weird (It's wiped clean and the hair is cut off. Going to be used for practice painting and rerooting hair)

Still looking for basic Spectra! I want Rochelle next. I do want Howleen, but can't find the 2 pack in my area for the retail price. Basically I want 1 of every doll, but I know that wouldn't be possible. Also I'm obsessed with wanting every line.



1. Toralei


3 and 4. Purrsephone and Meowlody

5. Abbey (Got her yesterday)


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