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I have a spray from testor but after it dried i tried to use my pastels but they dont seem to work. The powder just falls off the doll. (This my first custom. What do i need to do to make them work?

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What sort of pastels are you using?

I haven't used testors I admit, but any sealant should give you "tooth". I'd suggest spraying another layer. Also remember that with a lot of pastels, especially harder ones it takes a LOT of layers to get any sort of coverage.

I personally switched to soft pastels and omg.. the difference is incredible. Sooo much more colour. Still takes a couple of layers though.

A list of the materials you're using would be helpful here to try to figure out what's going wrong.

Doll: monster high ghoulia yelps freaky fusion

Remover: nail polish remover

Sealent: testor dullcote

Pastels: van eyck soft pastels

Hmm that should be working then. I'd try another layer of sealant and if it's still being awkward, maybe see about getting something else (Purity seal/Munitorium varnish works well if you can find it where you are)

Don't be afraid to really spray spray spray, so long as you aren't too close it shouldn't do any harm.

I usually do a few spritzes myself, heh.

and layer layer layer. You might think no pastel is going on but some might be, spray again, do another layer, spray again and slowly teh colour SHOULD build up (theoretically)

I gotta admid tho thw pastels are very very cheap maybe its just not good quality?


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