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The Maul is holding its annual holiday party!

There will be festivities and fun! 



The party is being held in the mauls food court.

Space has been cleared for a dance floor, and a DJ.

There are also snack tables and such.



1. Proper grammar, please.

2. No killing, gore, or cannons.( Vanessa V.  has permission)

3. PLEASE, no god-modding, power-playing, or Mary-Sues.

4. Keep the swearing down.Crap, Hell, and Damn are fine.

5. I can kick you out of the RP. 

6. 4 OC max.


We will start below! Have fun!

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(Oh! Can I join?))

(( Yep.))

I'll be Madison Olympus and Foxy Tress.


Foxy flounced in, wearing a short red dress. 

Madi walked in as well, her gold hair in an up-do. She was wearing a white dress, with a red ribbon belt.

((Hmm.... Who should I be? I don't know who would be best for this situation.))

(( Probably Nikki and Max?))

(( Be back soon.))

((may i join as hailey,samanto,len,and rin?))

((Okay I'll be Nikki and Max, outfit for Nikki to come. Oh and Mak, is everything cool between Kora and Archer? It's okay if I was annoying during that other RP.))

"Come on!" Nikki said, dragging Max by the hand through the Maul. "It'll be fun!" 

((Oh, can I join as Gretta, Grett, Pussy, and Gabby? :) ))

[[can i join? i'll be Yuki]]

((Here is Nikki's outfit:


Nikki's Holiday Outfit))


(( You all may join.))

(( Could you also tell me about your OCs? I only know Nikki, Max, and Yuki.))


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