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Hi everyone!

I'm really late to the MH collecting scene as I just started a few months ago, while I was visiting the USA. I took advantage of the super cheap prices and stuffed my suitcase with as many dolls as I could fit. My collection isn't enormous, but I do think it's becoming quite the little horde now. I blame my best friend for creating this addiction. She showed me her own collection and I knew I just had to have some of them. The characters are so creative and unique to anything else out on the toy doll market. Of course I knew about MH long before this, but never showed enough interest until my friend re-introduced me to them. 
I've been a BJD collector for nearly a year and wanted to try my hand at faceups so these dolls were the perfect test subject as their price isn't anywhere near the average BJD cost. Now the problem I face is choosing which one to "de-face"! Maybe I need to buy a few more eh?  ;) 
Here's my entire collection so far:



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Hello! Nice collection, I am sure it will continue to grow! Glad they have worked their way into your doll collecting habit! =)

See you around!

Thank you very much! 

Where did you get freak du chic Clawdeen?! When you do your repaints you should post step by step pics, I've always wanted to try it but not sure how to go about it.

FDC Clawdeen is a Target exclusive along w/ FDC Twyla. Since I'm not a huge fan of Clawdeen's look in general, FDC version was just so dang cute and unique for her that I couldn't resist. I'm in love with her gray skin tone. 

Once I start doing faceups I will certainly document the journey for those who are interested. Thanks for asking!


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