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Hello everybody!

I'm from Poland, I study anthropology of culture here. As my final Master degree essay I'm trying to write about Monster High dolls. I have known this brand for some time now but I wouldn't say I'm familiar with all the details of being a doll collector - that's mainly why I'm here. I would love to create an image of MH dolls as they're seen by their fans. To do this it would be amazingly helpful for me to gain some information from you guys. I understand if you don't like to talk to some stranger about your passion but I do believe this maybe could be a fun experience for you too… 

It all seems a bit vague now when I'm trying to read it but you probably get the idea. My question to you is if you'd be open to answer some questions (individually) about your passion, how it started etc. It all would be anonymous of course and I'd be happy to share with you the essay when it's done.

Also, so sorry about my English, I may make mistakes I don't even notice.

Please, if you want to help me or you have any questions, let me know! Would mean a lot!

Greetings from Poland!

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Welcome! Sounds like a fun essay!

I would be more than happy to answer anything if you are still trying to do this.

Did you get my email back to you?

Roselite, thank you, I'll send you questions first thing tomorrow!

Skeekers, thank you very much for your help, I will send you some additional questions tomorrow as well if that's ok. 

Thank you everyone for your help, it's great, everything I have received so far is extremely helpful!


Happy Thurs & Happy to help if you need me too.


Thank you Maureen, I'm writing to you right now :)

:) You're Welcome 

I saw the message and working on my reply now.


Feel free to contact me if you like, more than happy to help :)

Hi, great, thank you - writing to you right now :)

You've been awesome guys, thank you so much :)

already got you :D


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