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Not actually new here, this account is new though, I used to be a member here a few years ago and met a lot of my current close friends from this site. I couldn't remember what the email I used for my old account was, but I feel like the account is long gone anyway.

So, I am back after so many years with a fresh account! My name's Jessica, but you can just refer to me as Riddle. I've been collecting Monster High dolls since the very beginning, but I stopped collecting around a year ago. I plan to sell a good portion of my collection, which brings me to why I am back, the buy/sell forums here still seem to be active thus sometime soon I will be advertising the dolls I have for sale.

That's about all I have to say, thanks for reading!


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Welcome back!   :D


I have seen your list of dolls on sale. It is an impressive collection.

I am curious to know which dolls you have kept and why are you selling your collection? I have reach a point now where I think I should let some of my dolls go but I find it extremely difficult. I wonder which criteria you use to decide which ones to keep.

The criteria I used was simple, I am planning on keeping the first doll I ever got and the original ghouls from the very first wave. Then I plan on keeping my favorite characters and favorite dolls. That narrows it down to around 10 dolls that I am planning on keeping.

I am selling my collection due to space, 200 dolls take up a lot of room! I needed to downsize.

Yes, I have the same problem, It is mainly space and I used to collect other things as well which does not help. I am very impressed you will keep only 10 dolls. I don't think I will be capable of something so heroic! lol

I love to buy dolls second hand in car boot sales so I tend to buy more than I should. The first step is to be more selective with second hand dolls. Then, I will let some of my doubles go (yes, I have doubles, lol) After that, I will see... I have also some boxed dolls. Well, my MH enthusiasm went a bit out of control!

I think we don't enjoy the dolls as much if we have too many. Most of mine are stored at the moment. I can't even enjoy them all. And they take lots of space especially the boxed ones. I think too many dolls on display can really look awful. I used to rotate my display regularly.

I am curious to know which one was the first doll you ever got!

I don't have any SDCC dolls. I live in the UK, they are very difficult to find here and they cost a lot.

I think you should keep signature Ghoulia even if it makes it 11 dolls! lol I have a huge soft spot for Ghoulia...

Good luck with your downsizing.

All the best.

I never bought dolls second hand, I enjoyed the thrill of opening a brand new doll way too much! Which was also a downside, considering the cost of all of these dolls definitely piled up over time...

I would agree that the more one has, the harder it is to enjoy all of them. Unless maybe for the people who have enough space for all their dolls AND the perfect way to display them all. Lol

The first doll I got was basic Frankie! I picked her up when I was down in Flordia visiting family and I happened to suggest to my parents to stop by the toy aisle at Walmart, I still remember being surprised to see the black/dark colors of the dolls in the super pink aisle.

Despite the fact I have a lot of SDCC dolls, I have never been to San Diego or SDCC! I always bought my SDCC dolls online, I spent so much money on those dolls...

Ghoulia was never a huge favorite of mine, but I did debate on whether to keep her. Maybe I'll end up keeping her, but we shall see!

All the best to you as well!

My first doll was Frankie too! But it was because of Spectra that I became totally enamoured with Monster High! I discovered Ghoulia after Spectra strangely and that was it...I was hooked! lol Then, all these amazing dolls Scarah, Wydowna, the werecats, etc... It was endless...

I enjoy the thrill of finding dolls in car boot sales more than buying them new. I never know what I will find. It is always fantastic to find a great doll unexpectedly. I love to recycle them, to give them a second life. Sometimes, they need to be revived and it is lovely to see them looking like if they were new again. I also like the whole atmosphere of the boot sales, I always meet great people. It is fun! And, I realise I have built a great collection for not that much money. it is great. I am not that rich...and I love a bargain! lol Of course, it is not possible to do that with everything we collect. Some more expensive things are very rarely found in car boot sales.

And I don't have any SDCC dolls!

Well, signature Ghoulia is a great doll. Even if Ghoulia is not one of your favourite character. I love everything about this doll. The glasses, I can't resist! I think Ghoulia is one of the sexiest Monster High dolls. She is a vixen! lol It is quite funny because her character in the cartoons is the opposite. lol She had her revenge by having one of the most gorgeous face mold, in my opinion, of course! I love her character too, I find her adorable.

Have a great day!

Take care


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