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As many who've bought the haunted line may know, all 4 of the new characters have pets but do not come with them, we've seen this before with Jinafire's quilon, and Skelita's monarch butterfly. I decided to make all of the pets according to colors, personality, animal, and diary entries that mention the pets. My first one is Vandala's cuttlefish, Aye. I incorporated Vandala's main colors, as well as glow in the dark to resemble bioluminescence, I also added the mentioned eye-patch, though it never states on which eye it is. Next will be Kiyomi's baby kaiju (whom I sketched out first, comment if you'd like to see)then I will make either Porter's raccoon or River's raven.

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You have talent! Can't wait to see the other ones you make! =)

I REALLLLY wish Mattel would start making the pets with the new characters.......(I am an accessory crazed collector)

if anyone is interested, i might start selling my custom take on the missing pets


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