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Haunted came out today in the US, so I decided that I should make a discussion thread.

What did you like? Dislike? What did you think about the plot? New characters? Discuss it all here!

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Overall I liked it. It was one of the better specials. Yes it had flaws and gaping plot holes (why do the adults never intervene? lol.) but I liked it better than fca and felt the new characters were incorperated better in this than Freaky Fusion.

It was nice to see more of Sirena, she got very little screentime in her OWN bloody special.

The romance arc was also better handled, it felt a bit less sudden, a bit more realistic and the plot didn't grind to a halt in order to shoehorn in some eyelash fluttering like FF (that whole scene with frankie and neighthan served no real purpose and the pace of the film just sloooowed down for that pointlessness, it was lame)

River and Vandella were adorable. Iwish they'd done more with Kiyomi though, she didn't really.. DO much.

The vampire ducks were baffling.

I have a few questions though about the ghost world.

So... do monsters become ghosts when they die because there's several ghosts in the school who look like werewolves or some other monster type.

How come phantoms and banshee are solid in the monster world but spectra and Johnny aren't? if they're all ghosts, why do some get corporeal forms?

Biggest though? If Spectra went to the haunted high, and haunted high is revenant's house, how did she not know who principle revenant was? And why did revenant only recently (after spectra left) decide to go crazy? Was someone else serving as principle beforehand? if so, why? Where was she? What was she doing while someone else ran her house as a school? The end suggests she decided to open it as a school so must have been there right from the start right? So what happened to make her decide to go mad with detention and why didn't spectra remember her?

But yeah, on the whole, it was enjoyable. That playset desk thing was idiotic though.

My favorite MH films so far.

I only wish it was done in 2D instead of 3D. Plus, they missed the opportunity to reveal the truth about Spectra's past and her secrets, which only Ghoulia knows about. Overall, a great movie. I can only hope that we get to see more of Vandala, Kiyomi, River and Porter in the future.

I loved it I think it's my favourite so far.

it was nice to see Spectra take the spotlight and have the boo-vie be all about her and I'm glad that Draculaura thing was only a minor part of story, what I really loved was seeing her and Porter I always wanted her to have a love interest and he is by far the most perfect one for her he's gorgeous and everything I wanted him to be, it's a shame he didn't transfer but I wouldn't be too worried there is always time I am sure we will see more of him soon.

I loved the inclusion of Sirena I think it makes perfect for her to be included such a fun character too.

Vandala seems a really fun character too I would love to see more of her the whole sailing the seas looking for grav-y bones treasure was funny and her squid aye so adorable and funny at the same time made me laugh even though it's a shame he wasn't included with her doll it was nice to see him and even though he was the only pet featured.

I had a feeling that Kiyomi was the ghost haunting Draculaura all though her diary is a bit of a giveaway for those who have read it might also have figured that one out but from the moment Draculaura recognised her and Kiyomi's expression made it click for me.

I also had a feeling that Revenant was the Red Lady before it was revealed to me it just seemed kind of obvious I don't know if anyone else figured that one out but I actually kind of had a hunch she might have been her before even watching it.

River was so cute and a lot of fun too I love how excited she got and those are not what my confetti cannons are for was so funny she seems like a great character I kind of wish all the ghosts got to attend Monster High in the end they were all great.

the inclusion of Operetta, Johnny and Scarah was great I thought Operetta and Johnny were cute the hold me Johnny I just loved it I hope this mean a doll soon.

the Ghost ship was amazing I wish we got that as a playset the fun it would be.

I disliked Porter's character. Kiyomi should have had a bigger part, considering she was the reason for everything. Johnny needs to go away and never, ever come back. River seemed a little.....immature? Anyone else notice Twyla lost her "emo wannabe" voice (as a friend labeled it) when she turned in to a ghost?

When you get past that, the plot holes (it IS a kids movie after all) and Spectra's grating voice, it's not a bad movie.

The movies keep getting better,(and aside from the said plot holes and shortness), it was really cute, and entertaining. I was mostly into for the Porter and Spectra scenes, because they were adorable. XP

I liked it but I noticed something odd about Frankie in the opening scene. Did anyone notice how much greener she was than usual? Also I think I have a theory about the so called "secret room" Porter knew about. I think that Revenant had simply forgotten about the room because it is where she did most of her hauntings and she repressed it's location from her mind for centuries. I also knew that Draculaura would not be focused on and also that Sirena would play a major role in the film.

Loved this movie!! It was nice to see a special featured on a minor character this time. Porter was perfect and very charming, I hope to see him in future webisodes.


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