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Has Spring Unsprung Kitty been found in the high desert yet?

First is she a Walmart exclusive? Second I am passing through victorville and I am wondering if she has been found anywhere in the surrounding areas? Thanks

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She's in North Las Vegas, Nevada. I have seen her at a few walmarts for 21.97

I found 4 in Hesperia.  I was too sick to decide which one I wanted so I bought them all  LOL  I will decide and return the others.  Thank you

Kitty is indeed a Walmart exclusive. I have yet to see her in my local stores.

I just got Spring unsprung Kitty Cheshire @ Walmart last night I also got Duchess Swan which IDK if Im gonna keep Duchess yet or not....Im really just wanting to collect Wonderland charcters ( Madeline,Lizzie etc) and Wonderland Collections like Hat-Tastic Tea Party and all the characters that are part of that collection..
Oh and sorry but Im not in the "high desert" Im in Tulsa Oklahoma.....which this Walmat had TONS of Kitty's.

I got Duchess a little bit ago and I love her.


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