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If anyone is interested to know, Gigi is apparently shipping in a box assortment all by her lonesome. I just ordered a couple of Gigis from the UK and they shipped her to me in the original Mattel case. It says "Y7709 Monster High 13 Wishes Gigi Grant Doll."


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How did you go about ordering her from the UK

Since core Spectra and core Abbey most of the reg/higher priced doll have been available in the assortment or by individual cases.

I ordered her through Amazon, but the seller was a UK toy store called TOY CRAZE.


inlov said:

How did you go about ordering her from the UK

most likely doing it to avoid a Jinafire issue

Im in uk can i ask were you ordered her from?

why a couple of GiGis?

I buy from a uk distributor and sell on eBay the 13 wishes core dolls sold out very quickly and they didn't have Gigi in the case. I presume the next lot of cases will have Gigi .

Case A does not have Gigi, but Case B does -- both should be showing up soon, but it will just be a hit and miss as far as which store had which case. Similar to Jinafire from Scaris.

Yes that's what my distributor is saying

One for me. One for my daughter. We share a collection and only buy one of most new dolls, to share, but when it comes to new characters, we like to each have one. So we bought two Gigis and two Twylas.

Christian said:

why a couple of GiGis?


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