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GA Robecca, Maul Monsteristas 5 pack, Gilda Ashlynn Spectra Free Shipment for you !!! TRADE !!! update 9/20

Hello ghouls and mansters

I'm Victor, I'm a monster high boys collector and I want to make some trades, I'm looking for your help because I'm located in Mexico so here is harder to find some of the dolls also I like to collect the boys in their USA boxes not the international version, if you have any and want to trade just let me know or if you can buy one for me at your local store I will pay you so please help me... I already made some trades in here before and they were very good experiences :D you can check my feedback :D

You can choose from 2 to 3 or more dolls for your doll I really want to trade these dolls, from the 5 pack Student Disembody Council I will trade the ghouls I’m open to any offers !!!

Ghouls alive Robecca and Maul Monsteristas (I’m trading only the 4 ghouls together) only for rare dolls NIB. If someone is interested in the Maul Monsteristas 5 pack maybe I can get a second one but make me a good offer because is not longer available in stores in my area, the one that I have I buy it only for billy I’m not interested in the ghouls.

if you need more pics I will send it to you

help me to find the boys..... Please :)

here is my wish list, we can trade or I can buy them from you also trade and give you some cash to make things even... they have to be in perfect condition NIB

DOTD Deuce

SS Gil

Basic Cleo and Deuce

Forbitten love Draculaura and Clawd

Dance Class 5 pack

SDCC Iris and Manny

Music Festival Draculaura and Clawd

Pack of trouble 4 pack

EAH Allistar Wonderland

EAH Dexter Charming

SDCC Valentin

Finnegan Wake

Scarnival Clawd

SDCC Robecca and Hexiciah


Also I collect Bratz Boyz NIB if you have some please let me know or you can buy them from ebay and trade with me because some sellers don’t ship overseas. I will upload a pic of the Boyz that I need. Someone has listed some wintertime wonderland Boyz for auction but don't ship to me and I really want them. 

If you have any offered please contact me



I have very good feedback on eBay and I use paypal.

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Hello, I have a clawd scarnival NIB if you are interested.


I have a Finnegan Wake NRFB if you're still looking.

Yes !! sorry for my late response I was out of town; tell me what would you want ? I will do free shipment for you, I had a great experience trading with you :D

Hey, sent a PM

I have opened Forbitten love Draculaura and Clawd

Hi Jade, sorry I´m looking for NIB.


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