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FOR SALE/Trade UPDATED 11/13/13 Robecca Steam, Fearleaders, Howleen,5 pac Gil set, Jackson, Frankie PG, Venus, Clawdeen, Gil, Clawd , holt, Deuce, Puma, Lagoona, Catty, Gigi,

Fearleader Scream set of three 20.00 per Monster

FOR SALE OR TRADE: (will ship sales anywhere) TRADES ONLY IN USA (Do to daughter being scammed from a member in Chelsea Quebec Canada, Please go to negative feedback group for a long list of scamming members.

Gigi NIB

Robecca nib

Robecca mint loose

2 Jackson's one sold, one pending

gil 5 pacs  NIB

All pets taking best offer

Tiger cub Sold

Catty NIB

wave 1 nib draculaura

Swim set with holt all NIB

Torealie power ghouls nib

frankie Power ghouls nib Sold

Heath set 42.00 sold

1 Clawd music set  make best offer

Deuce new in box. make offer

I have one complete dead tired set (sold)

complete Gloom beach set with jackson, and all the girls

1 Head mistress 20.00 Sold

Blue Horse 8.00 (sold)

1 dance howleen 8.00 new
1 dance lagoona 7.00 new
1 dance operetta 7.00 new
1 dance robecca 10.00 new

Fearleader torealie set nib

complete skull shores set with gil and lagoona Sold

1600 Clawd and draculara sold

Clawd and draculara forbidden best offer (pictures soon)

Swim Rochelle  16.99

Swim draculaura Sold

Swim venus sold

1st wave frankie and pet nib

Home ick Frankie NIB 

Coffee bean furniture 15.00 new out of box SOLD

Oasis set no doll 13.00 new out of box  

Ice house for Abby 18.00

4 nude first wave Abby's make offer

first wave abby with pet and pet bed new out of box make offer

First wave gil & Lagoona 118.00 SOLD

First wave Gil & Lagoona and skull shores monsters set  taking best offer

GB Jackson set taking best offer

Clawd music set taking best offer

Frankie schools out nib make offer

Webbrella SOLD

PM me with any questions.


Looking for: DOTD Draculaura
Outfits and shoes

no smoking no pets ....Really bad allergies sorry :(


Ghouls night out new in box nude.

Holt set of 5 make offer 

Scream Deuce Make offer new in box

FOR SALE OR TRADE: (TRADES ONLY IN USA) Do to being scammed from Canada  Robecca Steam NIB 30.00 MINT not in box with pet 20.00

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ok, I got it. thank you!

I sent you a message

Swim Draculaura for 15.00 if she's still available

Swim Draculaura out of box for 15.00 is sold. I only have the swim Draculaura in the box, that is in the set with holt. I'll double check in the morning to make sure.


Are any f these still available

who's the guy with long curly hair in the hat with the two braids in the skate board in his hands supposed to be? I take it it's a custom?, also next to Catty Noir the male version of her is he a werecats custom?

Jackson webarella and draculaura and clawd if available?

Do you still have I <3 Shoes Cleo ?? I'm interested in getting her.


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