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The day the monsters who took a science class the Field Crypt to the Un-natural History Museum. The trip included Biteology, Mad Science, and Un-natural Science classes, kids from all grade levels were going. The trip was so large it included four buses and several teacher and guardian chaperones: Cyrus Sullivan, Godric Zilla's chauffeur and care taker; Lilith Leeds, a former Monster High student who was looking to complete a "charity" assignment for one of her college classes classes; Ms. Sans one of the science teachers; and many more.


Camden was already on the bus, chatting up a storm to anyone who would listen. "Omgoth I am so excited! I got my camera so I'm going to take lots and lots of pictures. And I brought my allowance to get a souvenir, are you gonna get a souvenir? I'm gonna get one. I hope they have something scary cute, I really want something totally voltage to go in my room. Or to bring back to my younger siblings! Dover, Dover!" She turned, resting her knees on the seat to get a better view as she called to her brother who was sitting all the way at the back of the bus. "We should get something for Harmony and Newton! Do you wanna help? You should totally help!"

Dover was sunk own to the bottom of his seat so his knees were pressed against the seat in front of him. "Yeah. Whatever." He grumbled loud enough to appease his chatting sister, tonguing his still new lip piercing. It was still swollen and sore, but goth help him he rather enjoyed the sting. He felt accomplished with his new metal in his face. His wings tucked in close, silently waiting for Peggy to arrive so he would have someone not related to him to talk to.


Trenton was walking to the bus side by side with to Godric. "So, you ask Vannessie to the dance yet?"

Trenton just looked down, shoving his hands in the pockets of his striped sweater. "No."

"Pfft! Come on man! There's less than a week left!" Godric shoved Trenton teasingly in the arm. Trenton stumbled over himself slightly, giving Godric 'a look' he normally reserves for his siblings. "I know."

Godric just rolled his eyes, knowing he wasn't going to get much more out of his nervous buddy. He had to give him a push in the right direction, and he knew exactly how.

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Esa had been running a bit late to the bus since he'd been having some issues getting all the books from his first few periods up into his locker. They were heavy, and he was small.


The little troll ran up to the bus and panted slightly as he hopped up the bus steps, skipping the last one near the top. He scanned the bus looking for a seat. There was a few options. Well, he could sit with Harmony but- No. She was sweet and friendly, but Harmony on a regular day was a handful, and today she was excited. A force to be reckoned with.


Esa spotted another option; Trenton. Smiling he half-skipped down the isle and sat in the seat in front of the one that Godric and Trenton had chosen, and leaned around the seat to grin at his friend. "Hey Trenton~ Are you excited for the trip?? It'll be so nice to get out of the stuffy school, and out into some nice refreshing air~!"

A tall, lanky figure wrapped in a dark tarp and duct tape stumbled towards the bus.  Occasionally, it nearly toppled over as it felt it's way over.

Once it got closer, it became clear that it was none other than Schreck.  Being that exposure to the sun for even a brief moment meant almost certain death to him, he had to improvise to make the field trip. 
If he didn't need the grade, he would not have gone through to much effort.

He nearly fell as he wriggled his way up the steps. "Esa. Come get me." he commanded.

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