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Hello Ghouls and Mansters,

As all of us know fall toys are just around the corner, I'm sure next month we are going to start seeing the new dolls at stores and of course Comic con is coming too, so what are we going to see this year ?? we all have seen pictures of the upcoming dolls, some fans are mad about the reboot others are exited and some are confused, we all have different opinions on it and some will change as soon as we see the dolls.

For me is super sad, I know that a brand needs to refresh their look over their years to be alive but I don't like the reboot first because is hypocritical, how you say to young girls to be unique be yourself be a monster accept your freaky flaws and now change it to be pink be feminine wear only dresses (this here is because I only see mini dresses on all the dolls is like girls don't wear pants, jeans or shorts) I know clawdeen cleo and moanica will have pants for their signature but I have seen like 15 dolls on the leak pictures and all of them have mini dresses, well the first point is their motto and the second the creativity and cheapness these are two different things but they go together that's why I'm talking about dresses, Monster high always had some great outfits and know all I see are mini dresses have you seen the ghouls with the new pets? the new basic line with the 4 main with almost the same dresses only different pattern ? or the new fashion packs? lets not talk about the welcome to monster high dolls I only see Draculaura and Frankie with deluxe outfits all the others have mini dresses where is the creativity with this new outfits? is because they have no money to make cool outfits? or is because girls only wear dresses? the new dolls look cheap to me with those outfits and with no articulation on their arms I can see in the future all the dolls without articulation, where are the cool hair styles ? they are so plain to me, and what a come back is this the reboot of Draculaura ? because I see like 10 dolls of her, have you seen the super cheap cheerleader Draculaura and Frankie? what about the new dead tired line they have the same dress with diferent pattern, all this make me really mad because it's feel like my money is not worth the dolls are the same price as the last generation but without all the super cool stuff even stands and the boxes are generic as the dolls are, they say we will still see all our favorite ghouls but when?

this take me to my last point and the most important to me THE MANSTERS where are they? there's no mansters in the new upcoming lines, we only have seen Gil but in a deluxe line, are we getting less mansters? is it because girls don't like boy dolls? are they too creepy for young girls? I do notice mansters were the first to get the new refresh look because it was very rare to me to see Slow from the loves not dead two pack with anime eyes he was so different from his first release so I guess that was his new look or what about Finnegan eyes he looks really cartoony too, I love mansters they are my favorites dolls and I do want more of them I want to see new characters, I want Jhonny, Bram, Andy, Skelita's brother but I have lost my hope I'm starting to get the feeling that this will never happen,  we didn't get new mansters with the spring lines why? all the new lines and rereleases were only girls and for the comic con exclusive I'm getting the feeling that we are going to get Gagas Doll so no mansters?

I used to be so excited for the new upcoming dolls to hear news from monster high this was my joy; Monster high gave me happiness but now is gone, now I'm really depress because monster high was like my medicine for my problems.

Monster high doesn't excite me anymore, I have lost interest. does anyone is getting this feeling?

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I feel like i'm going to get a couple of rebooted ones just to compare, but on the whole they leave me pretty cold. As it stands, the stores here are feeling really empty. They've cleared all their MH stock and put Barbie in it's place so it's making me a little nervous about whether we'll see much more now. I think Mattel really screwed their EU market by inflating the prices so much, it caused a successful doll line to become prohibitively expensive and I have no doubt that impacted sales.

Several stores just don't seem to be getting MH in at all and it's not looking overly positive this side of the pond. Hmmm.

Maybe we're just in that time of the year slump, but usually this time of year you see shelves still full just with ooooold stock at full price. Now it's like.. there's no stock at all. Asda has no mh dolls, Tesco has none either. It doesn't bode well to me.

Anyway, i'm kinda redirecting my doll collecting into more expensive doll lines anyway. I'm losing interest in playline, it's just not grabbing me like it used to. I think it's about time to bow out so the reboot has kinda come at the right time for me heh.


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