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I'm looking for the following dolls

Family pack cleo and pharrah

Sugar and scream nefera

Ghouls beast pets frankie w/ bear

Winning werewolves clawdeen and clawd

Rival's draculaura

School lunch  twyla

sdcc whisp and Valentine

Coffin bean Abby

First day of school ari

Maul spectra 

Ghoul fair scarah

Rival's moanica

Electrified slivi

Student council glida

I heart fashion wydowna

Freaky field trip torilei

Dead gore_geuse honey

Scooter were cat twins

Welcome to monster high deuce

Mansters gil

Ghoul fair heath 

Swim class holt

Scaremester Billy 

Haunted potter

Sdcc manny

packlynn from family bunk bed set


Loves not dead slomo

Vampire and gargoyle cam

Puma boy cam 


Maul pack Billy 


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Hello are you looking for New In Box or Loose?


I have all of my SDCC dolls 2010-2017 listed for sale on Ebay. If you are interested in any of the dolls and would like to purchase outside of Ebay via PayPal invoice I would be willing to discount 10% off price.

I see two from my list that I want 


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