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Dolls for sale on eBay! Spectra Vondergeist lot, Draculaura lot, and Catty Noir NIB Friday the 13th

Catty Noir NIB:

Spectra lot:

Draculaura lot with one NIB:

More dolls will be getting listed on Friday, don't want to sell too many at once and get overwhelmed trying to ship them all out at the same time.

All adult owned and never played with, each were selected for their paint jobs on their faces so they all look really nice :) Selling them on my dad's eBay account, if you're into baseball he sometimes has bobble heads (I guess collecting toys no matter how old you are runs in the blood lol). If you've seen my previous posts, money is getting less tight and the hubby finally has a steady job! So no longer hurting for money and we're keeping up with our bills but having a little extra never hurt anyone, would love to put it towards our house savings or pay down a credit card a little bit by selling these.

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Auctions are ending in 24 hours or less!
3 hours til they end, one has a bid on them!


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