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I just found out that Barbie color reveal won the doll of the year award! That means they beat Rainbiw High and LOL OMG. I'm not happy!

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Mattel probably paid for it lol

I was thinking the same thing lol

This is strange, Rainbow High being everybody's new obsession.

I don't think Mattel can afford to pay for it... just a thought!

I have no idea what Barbie colour reveal dolls are like. I have never seen one in real life. I have never looked at any reviews either because I know I will not buy that type of dolls. I don't collect recent Barbies. Gimmicks are not my cup of tea either.

So I should maybe look at a review to see exactly what they are.

These are toys and all and with the gimmick of the doll it's no surprise. I collect Ken's RH dolls and still MH, but have seen NUMEROUS girls whine in doll aisles because there were no color reveal Barbies. They are cheap, however kids are kids and a gimmick gets em' every time. 

Of course, you are right. Toys are for kids not for adult collectors.


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