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Just a heads up..Once again, DD's Discounts has a lot of MH merchandise..a HUGE amount of Mega Construx sets some I've never seen anywhere else and at super low prices..this Cleo/Deuce set is all of $9.99 :)

I was very impressed with the amount of toys at DD;s..I went to TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshalls and did not see any MH or EAH but at DD;s I saw the Mega Construx sets, Shreik wrecked, Budget MH dolls etc..

Happy Holiday Hugs,


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Merry Christmas,

After the Holiday I will head back to DDs Discounts and see what is left after the Big Holiday :) I am thinking I want this Cleo set...Last Year DD's also cornered the market on  all the Mega Construx sets..

Happy Holiday Hugs,


Hi Maureen,

This Cleo set is cute. I would go back to the shop too.

When I was looking for McKeyla Invisible Ink Experiment in London, I went to several TK maxx and other discounts shops. No success finding my beautiful purple haired McKeyla (I will find her one day for a reasonable price!). But I have found a Megablock set with Lagoona. It was so cheap that I could not leave it there. They made a mistake with the pricing underneath the product so the manager let me have it for the wrong price. It was an absolute bargain. I took a picture but never posted it. I was probably too obsessed with my elusive Purple haired McKeyla!

I did not "play" with it yet!

Have a great day.


Dear Tula,

Happy Weekend :) OOH what a great find you found & awesome price deal too..I love those kind of bargains,,I checked out a Marshalls & Target today..Target is on toy clearance & getting rid of Descendants dolls & Marhsalls had some toys left but no MH or EAH..Fri I will check in at Wal Mart & try to get to DD's on Sat..

Happy New Year Hugs,


Hello All,

I went out shopping today and found The Evil Queen Tsum Tsum is still at Dollar Tree for 1.00..Next door is DD's Discounts ( owned by the Ross Store Company ) and wow...Before Christmas  they had a TON of Mega Construx but when we went back Sat ..The Toy dept looked like it had been hit by a Truck...It took forever but we saw only 2 damaged Draculaura & Elissabat sets..some budget Draculaura, small boxed Mega Construx with Frankie for 4.99 and I kept hoping and finally we found one set with Cleo & Deuce for 9.99 and undamaged box..I bought it :) Looks like a lot of girls received the Mega Construx MH sets for Christmas..I am just so happy I was able to get the set I really wanted..

Happy Sun Shopping Hugs,


Great that you found the set with Cleo and Deuce. It is a very cute set.

Have you "played" with it already? ;-)

Have a great Sunday!

Dear Tula,

Happy Mon :) I have not opened Cleo & Deuce yet..My Guy says we should and he will build it..I will take pix when he does.

Have a Great New Years Eve & Hugs,



Added the photos to my other thread but also promised to add them here too.//

The Clawsome Carnival set with Cleo & Deuce..( He is holding a Caramel apple & the set also has a pretzel.)

Happy Wed Hugss,


Cute! I haven't had time to play with mine yet!

Dear Tula,

Thank you :) He built it for me..I watched a movie and he did this in under an hour..He likes to take his time with things..Have fun when you put yours together.




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