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I made a silicone mold this weekend of DotD Frankie's shoes. The aluminum shiny coating was wearing off, and I love the shoe design by want it in different colors. The mold looks like this:

I make the mold so that there is no seam, and just a tiny fill hole that normally leaves no visible mark on the part. You can only see the fill hole mold mark when casting a non-solid color (like a metallic powder filled shoe like these:

I cast a variety today:

I made light metallic grey to match Frankie's bolts, Light sparkle blue for Abbey, clear red for Ghoulia and a bunch of other solid and metallic colors. I like the way Spectra's light clear purples came out the best:

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Stanna said:

What's the name of the store?

Adam Smith said:

Oh, I did end up selling quite a few of these on Etsy, including the clear and glow in the dark ones. This thread is from the beginning of the year. I'll be selling them again as soon as I'm on holiday break and have the time to make more.

Reece said:

Would you consider selling a mold for the shoes?

No, I won't be selling the molds because they aren't simple pour molds. In order to make the mold marks very, very small and the castings bubble-free (for nice clear shoes) I design the molds to be centrifuged after filling and to be used only for pressure casting at 60-80 psi (in a compressed air tank). They would not be usable by anyone who is not already set up to do resin casting under pressure.

One of these days, I will be doing more of the Frankie DotD style shoes, because they are easy to do, accept all different kinds of pigments, and are durable. The bee girl high heels are a PITA to make, because of the thin-walled sides. I probably won't do many more of those--only whatever my existing molds can produce.

These shoes are awesome! I'd love to buy a glow in the dark pair. Please let me know when you have a pair available to sell.

Put a link to your store, I definitely want to buy several pairs.  I can sew clothing, but making shoes - don't think so.

Would a mold of Wydownas yellow web shoes be too difficult to make?


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