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I made a silicone mold this weekend of DotD Frankie's shoes. The aluminum shiny coating was wearing off, and I love the shoe design by want it in different colors. The mold looks like this:

I make the mold so that there is no seam, and just a tiny fill hole that normally leaves no visible mark on the part. You can only see the fill hole mold mark when casting a non-solid color (like a metallic powder filled shoe like these:

I cast a variety today:

I made light metallic grey to match Frankie's bolts, Light sparkle blue for Abbey, clear red for Ghoulia and a bunch of other solid and metallic colors. I like the way Spectra's light clear purples came out the best:

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OMG... I need those like right now!! :D

Those glow in the dark ones are so cool!

Cool! Love Ghoulia's and Spectra's best! x

I love the glow-in-the-dark ones too. 

VERY VERY COOL!!! I would love ALL of my doll's shoes and accessories to be transparent!!! If you ever want to make a few extras, I'd gladly buy them from you.

I love Spectra's!

Any chance you'll be making more designs? 

Wow, you've done such a great job. My favourite is the clear red. They all are excellent. You must be proud of your good work.

Love the glow in the dark ones. So cool

These are amazing! You are soooo clever! 

I used to know how to do stuff like this. I dig your color choices, especially the clear shoes.

That's really neet.

I like the translucent ones especially.

If you do decide to see, let us know!


awww so cool


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