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I haven't been on the forums so I'm sure it's been discussed, but I can't seem to find the thread. Is the big CAM multipack Costco is selling exclusive to them or will it be available at other discount shops? I have friends who don't have Costcos near them who want them. (not last year's bundle, the new big box with 4 cams in it)

thanks guys!!

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It is already out in the U.S.? Since when?

Yup that's it -- we found it last Thursday (on Halloween). Hard to see in the pic but the cat tail is in there behind the sticker. AND it has four stands included. For $30 it's an amazing deal. 

And thanks!! I guess I will be picking them up for all my friends w/o a Costco >_<  

Wow! I really hope this comes in the UK. This is pretty much the skulltimate starter set for any first-time CAM buyer. AND four stands - kind of hard to believe at first, but awesome.

Triumvirate said:

I hadn't heard that they include four stands! That's definitely a plus. 

I was shocked!! You can just see the bases along the bottom of the photo if you look -- the clamps are hidden underneath the bases and the upright parts are in the packaging over to the left. The little ghoul is having more fun with this set than she's had with any previous CAM purchases, I think. 

They also had a big dump of picture day and ghoul's night out so hitting a Costco sooner than later is a good idea if you've got one. 

Triumvirate said:

I hadn't heard that they include four stands! That's definitely a plus. 

Not on the website though. booooo!

I've never known the holiday stuff to show up online since it's often regional or limited.

Four stands ! Waw ! Is there a brush too ?

I thought the Costco bundle was 2 CAM packs plus a Random add on pack together I know kohls had this skulltimate pack for I think $50 the Costco one was $25 in Canada
This is what I'm talking about I had stumbled across these photos
I think I actually saw that is was at kohls on the forums here but I could be wrong

Yes, there was one brush. Let me see if I got a photo of the set before we started taking everything out. Ok, it's not super clear but I did get a pic:

Renka 1/2 said:

Four stands ! Waw ! Is there a brush too ?

Thank you for all that information ;-)


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