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Hello everyone! I have a question: If you could make anyone of the monster high students come to life who would it be and why? I pick Draculaura because I would help her put makeup on and she seems so sweet and nice and would be a fangtastic friend!

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Clawdeen because she seems cool and has great confidence that I could learn from.

Ooooo! That is a good question! It would be really hard to choose only one, but I would probably go with Lagoona. She is so sweet to everyone, she gives good advice, and I would love to be friends with a sea monster! I love mermaids, and I think it would be fangtastic to have a friend (assuming she would be my friend) who lives in the ocean, so I could go swimming in some beautiful tropical Pacific Ocean reef with all kinds of sea creatures (well, not ALL kinds of sea creatures. Not box jellies, cone snails, lionfish, or stonefish, for instance)

Robecca or that green Parrot/bird girl Backgrounder would be my second and third choices.

But honestly, I would want to attend Monster High with all the characters (plus my original characters) really. Excet maybe the mean ones.

A werewolf would be alot of fun too because dogs are awesome and who doesn't wish their dog could talk to them with like English words? (or whatever language you speak).  Wolves are great.

Or maybe Duece or Clawd. They are some pretty cool guys.

Spectra, Operetta and Jinafire. I'd have a real blast with all 3 of them and we'd have so much to talk about.


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