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This seller never sent my item, then it shows up a week later after waiting forever on my doll. They then had enough nerve to have eBay remove my negative feedback and left me negative under the guise of positive because sellers can no longer leave actual neg feedback for buyers. I am livid. No wonder they only have positive, there have probably been people in the past who had their negative feedback removed as well from said sellers profile.

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I don't buy anything from the US. High customs fees.

I just had my first bad experience on Ebay with an awful seller. It is definitely very unpleasant and upsetting. It is better to buy moderately on Ebay. It is not that cheap. It is good for things we really can't find anywhere else.

I concur, I am about done with eBay. Nothing but lies and a facade then you get utter junk or damaged items and none of it was mentioned or they ship entirely too late/not at all.

It only happened to me once luckily. I received a doll described as excellent condition and smoke free home with pen marks and stains and stinking of cigarette smoke. Her legs are so loose, she can hardly stand up. The seller literally insulted me and accused me of lying! I sent her pictures, still rude. I could open a return case but it seems to be so much hassle. I can't be bothered.

Now that the car boot sale has reopened, I will not buy on Ebay. I think I was using it too much during this lockdown. I have found MH and EAH dolls in great condition last Sunday for less than the postage I pay on Ebay! £2 per doll in the boot sale, £3 postage when I buy something on Ebay!

I will still use it occasionally for things I really can't find anywhere else.

I had only one bad experience and I have been buying on Ebay for several years. I suppose it has to happen at some point to all of us. It is just awful. To have a crap doll in my collection is bad enough but to be insulted by a seller as well is highly upsetting.

Once at the Goodwill (a giant mass thrift store in the states) I found first wave abbey complete minus stand diary and pet, but doll was perfect. I also found a vintage Barbie Bubble cut for $1 and sold her for almost $200, turns out unbeknownst to me, she was a side part... super rare. eBay is just so misleading, it's like people polish turds and make them look like food and you get a big stinking pile in a box as an end result. I am over it. Like I got those 5 dolls and they are fine thankfully, however shipping was subpar and the dolls had no protection. Literally they sent them wrapped in a plastic grocery store bag inside of an envelope with no padding. This particular seller I am warning people of spent 3 whole weeks for shipping and then when I open a case leaves me nasty negative feedback disguised as positive stating item was in transit and I was rude and opened a case *SELLER BEWARE*. Please! I paid IMMEDIATELY after purchase and asked them over and over when the doll was shipped. To which I got on the 22nd, turns out they didn't ship til the 25th of June THREE WHOLE weeks after payment and purchase. Even NON doll related purchases I've had problems with, bought my desktop (just the tower no monitor, mouse, keyboard, speakers, etc.) for $150 on there this past Christmas and have had to replace RAM, CPU, Power Supply, and video cards. So I put more than I even paid for the computer in it just to keep it alive. It's excellent now, but not the point.

Wow! The bubble cut Barbie was a fantastic find! I always wanted to have a vintage Barbie. Of course, I would have kept it! lol but to sell it for that price is great.

The first boot sale of 2020, I have found the most expensive item I have ever bought for 50 pence! A Steiff dog made of Alpaca in amazing condition. I am surprised nobody noticed it before me. It was in a box full of ordinary plushies. He has the tag in the ear with the references. I googled it. It is retired. It was originally £179! I don't think I could sell it for that price but I think I could sell it for quite a bit. Except that I want to keep him, of course! lol He is so soft and beautiful!!

I still don't know what to do with my Ebay problem. If I open a return case or not. It is so annoying. It is my punishment. I have bought too many things on Ebay during the lockdown. I should have been patient and wait for the boot sale to reopen. It is terrible to send dolls badly packaged. I have bought a doll on Schpock and she was sent in a thin plastic enveloppe without any protection. Luckily, she was fine but I was not too happy. Poor thing!

Some sellers are terrible but luckily most are fine.

Anyway, Ebay is not that cheap. To use it occasionally is ok but to make a habit of using it, nope! Some people are addicted to Ebay. And the auctions make people spend more than they should. They get carried away. Not good!

I have had so many vintage Barbie ponytails and bubblecuts which I ended up selling. I only regret the selling of two, one bubble and one ponytail. Also I only do best offer or buy it now, I rarely, if ever, use the auction format. Too lengthy. 


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