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I want to caution our members about buying and selling online. I ran an online store for 14 years. I will offer some tips.

Relative risk from low to high:

1. Purchasing with a debit/credit card, through an Established online store based in the US. Your credit card company may refund your money if you don't receive product. In order for a merchant to take credit card payments directly (not through Paypal), they have a vetting process with the merchant bankers.

2. Same as above with Paypal. Most anyone can open a Paypal account so the risk is greater, but their is a dispute procedure.

3. Ebay with Paypal or credit card. Reputations and dispute procedures are in place. However those assurances are only good until the merchant decides to close and split with your payment.

4. Purchasing from an established store with money order or check. If you pay with a money order you have no assurance they will ship the product, except for the reputation of an Established store.

5. Buying from an established store overseas with credit card or Paypal.

-------- Danger Line----

6. Buying from a private individual (no storefront on Ebay or elsewhere) with Paypal. Consider, why aren't they listing with Ebay? It costs more to list with Ebay, but with Ebay you get much more assurance of their legitimacy and reputation, don't you?

--- The Worst ----

Sending payments to individuals who have no storefront at all (Ebay or whatever) by check or money order. You only have their own personal reputation to rely on if there is a dispute. You should have their Name, Address, and Phone Number if you are sending them money. Payment by check is better, as their is a fraud law covering that, but its also riskier for the merchant, and they may want to wait to be sure your check will clear. And consider, why don't they take payment with Paypal?

Risk in terms of amount spent. I know what average order amounts are for toys. Consider these in figuring your risk.

- Sending $35-60. Low risk, not so much to loose. This is the average order range for a toy order online.

- $61-110. Higher risk. You should expect more assurances.

- $111 and up. IMHO on amounts like these, it is not at all reasonable for a merchant to be expecting these kinds of payments, and NOT be an established online store, or Ebay seller.

Make it easier on yourself.

- Try to stay calm about rare dolls! If you've been following Monster High, they you know that nearly ALL dolls that were super hard to find, did eventually become available everywhere. The Only dolls I can't find are: Gill from Gloom Beach (why is that??) and of course the Limited Edition Comic Con dolls. So be a shrewd buyer, and know your market. High Ebay prices will plummet when "rare" dolls are restocked in stores.

Be safe!


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I bought a Skull Shores 5 pack online and the clawdeen in it came with two left arms. -_-

Haha well you were really lucky NAC. You got a rare defect doll!

Sometimes its fun if you find a doll in the wrong package. Of course then you can't open it.

lol. I also got a venus that has one really small eye and one normal eye.

Stu Carter said:

Haha well you were really lucky NAC. You got a rare defect doll!

Sometimes its fun if you find a doll in the wrong package. Of course then you can't open it.

Thanks for posting this.  It's really good advice to help avoid being scammed. 

I can agree with some of what you posted but also you need to be aware that ebay is not the end all.  I don't sell on ebay nor do I want to.  It has created an environment that has made sellers get the short end of the stick and buyers have complete control.  My husband use to sell on there and a buyer bought an item but later found it in stores so she wanted a refund.  She lied to ebay and said that it arrived broken, which it didn't, and she wanted a refund.  Well, she sent it back but crushed the box before doing so.  Things like that along with other countless stories, I can go on for days about, have made selling on ebay an utter nightmare.  

My advice is to anyone buying through forums especially, use paypal, DON"T send payment as a gift to ensure that if for whatever reason, you don't receive your item you can file a dispute.

I am surprised you didn't mention anything about personal feedback of buyers, sellers, and traders. I find that good positive feedback from others is important when deciding who to buy, sell, and trade with.

Thx For Telling Us Stu

There needs to be a buy/sell/trade mod. Someone who can keep the negative feedback thread online, who can warn other users, etc. The buying forum here is so messy. People shouldn't have multiple threads, bump old threads, etc.


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