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This is a totally random inquiry but, I get the other four, Ghoulia - coconut, Gil - pineapple, Abbey - snowcone, Lagoona - seaweed slushie, but what the heck is the drink that comes with Skull Shores Draculaura? Lol. When I saw the pictures of her online in her box I thought it was a heart, (totally spaced on the fact that she's vegetarian) So now that I have her and can see it in person, I know it's not. But still have no idea what it is. Is it a red banana? Some kind of passionfruit? And is the white thing coming out of it (not the straw) a cauliflower.. or maybe just bubbles/steam? So confused.

Any ideas? :)

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It's an exotic flower of some sort.

Yeah, it's an exotic flower and the the white bit coming out is the middle of the flower.
Lillian Gracey said:

It's an exotic flower of some sort.

I'm 99% sure it's an exotic flower.


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