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Any suggestions for body matches for a basic So in Style Grace doll?


I was almost ready to get RID of my basic, NON-articulate So in Style Grace, because I could STAND her STATIC BODY, but I recently pulled her out of the "To Go" bag, because I just CAN'T give away a doll with so pretty a FACE! Even WITH her sort of thin hair, she's GORGEOUS, and if I could just find an articulated body that matches her skin tone, I'd have the PERFECT Grace doll!

I've done SOME of my homework, so I KNOW that the following dolls will NOT work:

Original MTM African-American Barbie (Too LIGHT....I THINK....)
MTM Rock Climbing African-American Barbie (WAY too DARK)
Curvy BMR1959 African-American Barbie (WAY too DARK)

I'm wondering if the Flowery Yoga Outfit African-American MTM would work....??? I can't AFFORD the original articulated, NON-S.I.S. Grace doll online NOW. :( I don't know how good of a skin tone match she is, ANYWAY, though.

The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

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I had a link somewhere, it was a doll blog where they were trying to do the same thing with a SIS doll, but now I cant find it.

I did find these links about head swapping black Barbie dolls, maybe it will help?


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