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So I have wanted "Scaritage" Skelita for ages, literally! She came out when I was 24 and I am going to be 31 come this December, I digress about my advanced age... LOL. I debated and debated on purchasing one of the ONLY two on eBay, but could not justify the price(s). One is listed at $99, the other just above at $120. I said NO to myself, then lo and behold I refresh my "Skelita search" only to see a 3 minute old listing of her for only $60! I jumped on the listing as if I were a cat on a mouse. I saw they were taking best offers and decided (why not try to haggle). I put in an offer of $40 (low ball I know) and to my surprise it was accepted just 5 minutes later! Total with tax and shipping rounded it up to a whopping $56. She is to arrive come Monday and I am just in shock as this still feels (as everything this year has) surreal. Anyway that is my newest eBay story and find. I am ecstatic! 

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Hello, Crown_of_Cleo,

Congrats! That's a cool find! I hope that she arrives looking super good! It's fun to receive new dolls! :)

Disappears into a shadow

The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

Congrats! Scaritage Skelita is a great doll. I love her glasses!

"advanced age"??!! lol


I HOPE that I don't take the prize as the most "advanced" in age here, but I fear that I well MAY. 41 and counting.... :( LOL! I'M more disappointed by my lack of EXPERIENCE than about my actual AGE, as, considering all of my medical issues, I don't look 100% bad for 41.

Disappears into a shadow, scrutinizing my reflection in the clawsome, cave-tall were-mirror. ;)

The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

Well I am 31 (basically in less than half a year) so I am "advanced" too lol. She came in pristine shape, I opened her although I told myself NO, NO, NO! Anyway, I am thrilled with her and adore her glasses as well, as I love the 60's and cat-eye glasses. I loathe the cheap "Scarnival" version and "Art class" Skelita was too Crayola colored for me, didn't care for the first one because I am not a huge fan of themed typed dolls (oxymoron considering she is a Dia De La Muertos doll) but the color scheme was too "Halloweeny" and felt out of place the rest of the year. Plus lime green and orange together, BIG no, no...


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