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About doll hair and how to take care of it- I have an BETTER answer for you.

I see several posts concerning how to take care of doll hair and I hope this might remedy some issues display collectors are having.
First of all, doll hair is synthetic and DOES NOT LIKE human hair shampoos and conditioners.
QUIT putting your dolls under the sink and using human hair products on synthetic hair- you will find that your dolls hair will become extremely frizzy and gunky as time passes, and it can fall out.
The materials used to make doll hair are also found in clothes meaning...
You need:
Cold water wash detergent for delicate fabrics such as Woolite and hypo-allergenic non-scented fabric softners ( I prefer Downy though). And COLD water of course.
For simple restoration, using cold water will prevent hair from loosing it's texture.
I wear synthetic wigs usually of a higher quality than those found in Monster High dolls, but the care for all synthetic hair is the same.
For instance:
A full wig, you take a cup of woolite and drop it into the sink, let it sit a minute, swish it around for about 5 minutes, and let it air dry.
For dolls, you wont need a sink, but a small bowl or pot. Drop a tablespoon of woolite or similar detergent in the bowl, mix it, and stick your dolls head in.  Swish it around, play with it, let it sit, do what you will to get it nice and clean, and rinse it out.
For dead, drying hair: do all of the above and after letting it air dry for a bit, refill your small bowl and mix in a tablespoon of fabric softer. Again, rinse, and air dry.
Let me lay down the importance of not putting synthetic hair under a heat dryer.
Most synthetic hair does not take well to direct heat. If boiling water affects the shape of your dolls hair, just imagine what dry heat does- you'll get frizzies up the wahoo. and that dead, crunchy look.
If you want to save time, take your hair dryer on the coolest, absolutely lowest setting and keep it at least a foot away from your dolls head. Dryer stands come in handy here.
Lastly, forget about the brush that comes with the dolls- when it comes to fixing and restoring dolls hair, use a fine comb and start from the bottom of the hair,  gradually going to the top just like your would your own hair. Combing from root to ends will only cause nasty snags and tangles.
I prefer metal combs over plastic ones, but there isn't much difference in the result.
If you use a brush with the plastic balls on the end, go slap yourself immediately.
No cookies for you.
The tiny balls will pull on the hair and stretch it, causing it to break, frizz, and curl.
And resist the urge of combing synthetic hair when sopping wet- wait till hair is mostly dry. If you just rinsed with cold water, it SHOULD just snap back to it's original texture. The results of your rinsing can vary though, depending on your method of drying.
Before boil perming hair, i'd advise cleaning and using fabric softner first. If you've played with their hair before, you'll find that the ends may be poofy or frizzy.
Clean it, straighten it with boiling water, and then perm it. your dolls hair isn't something that needs to be done every day. It's a doll.
For frequently played with dolls, owners with pets or strongly odorous/fragrant homes, at most I would recommend 3 times a year.
Some dolls however, just come with nasty, unmanageable hair that frizzes the moment you take it out of the package. Consider Skelita, Ghouls Rules Draculaura, W1 Lagoona, ect...the hair gets ridiculously tacky so easy it would make anyone go nuts.
It's not absolutely necessary- but you know when you'll need to.
Over-washing, or over-working any dolls hair will risk losing the original style completely, so be cautioned.

I've tried to be as thorough as possible, but if there are any more questions, i'll be glad to answer them!
Have a good night guys!

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You know, I've always done it this way - it wasn't till after I received a package from someone on here (whom I will NEVER trade/buy from again) where the dolls and accessories I received were in absolutely DEPLORABLE CONDITION. I realize that we go through some rough trades on this site and loose dolls do not always come as pictured, even in display condition.
I paid $65 for a W1 Lagoona, plus extra for a gloom beach frankie, 3 pets, and clothes and accessories...over all $80.
When I got the package today, I noticed the seller shipped the dolls the cheapest way he could- in a bubblewrap envelope, and I was instantly afraid. I opened the envelope, and both dolls were stuffed haphazardly into a destroyed gloom beach box, lagoona's purse was broken, I also bought Watzit and the head was DETACHED after being squished the wrong way in the packaging...needless to say, I'm STILL furious!
Both Frankie and Lagoona's hair were dirty, smelly, and lagoona's soft waves were a tangled rats nest. It took about 5 hours of cleaning, softening, and restyling Lagoona's hair to making it display quality. 
In hindsight, I should have taken a picture of the dolls and the package they came in, because I am STILL furious with how horrible these dolls, accessories, and pets arrived- i'll most likely have to glue Watzit's head back on.

But, through the pain- I have at least ONE presentable doll that rivals the out of package doll. She has soft, beautiful hair over a course, rough, and dried up NEST.

Natalie said:

Thank you for posting this! I've recently gotten into collecting MH dolls (I only have 7 so far), and I KNEW there had to be something that would make re-styling and cleaning their hair a little easier. I haven't done it yet - thought it's needed, because some of them had SERIOUS box-hair - since I found 3958 websites with 5924 tips on how to 'clean and manage doll hair.'


I knew the brushing/drying tips, but the Woolite/Downy tips are so wonderful. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

She does :)

My cosplayer senses are tingling.

This is awesome!!! Not only will this help me a lot with my dolls but I have also gotten into cosplaying so this will be great for my wigs as well. :D

Best way to take care of wigs and dolls- I'm glad it helps! :)
For wigs that you're wearing around, especially the longer ones, mix a spray bottle with about half downy and half water- any snags or tangles you get along the way while using it, just spray the fabric softner on it and use a wide toothed comb to release it. It works awesome! I too am a cosplayer and a general wig enthusiast, so it works on all my longest ones perfect.

I really don't know about the static bit, in the box is something of a plastic prison- how long did you do the boil perm?
I suppose if you were to keep it in box over display where it would be somewhat safe from humidity, you could try drying with heat instead of completely air drying to set it better. The rest of her hair shouldn't be affected, but just dont bring the hair dryer too close to the doll or else it will be a frizzy mess!
I've been very curious of the kind of gel they use in the hair of the dolls, and i'm wondering about using synthetic hair spray on my girls after I clean their hair to set better hair styles.

Not to say this advice is bad or false, but I've used human hair care products (shampoo and conditioner) on multiple types of dolls for years and never had a problem. But this advice is great.

So glad I saw your post ! Brilliant and makes perfect sense !


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