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So basically this RP is about two sides, Weast Wonderland (good) and West Wonderland (bad). Sadie and the Sailor Senshi are at war with Nessa and the Organization XIII. This RP is filled with fighting, side switching, good vs. evil, plot twists, romance, and most of all having an epic dream which you may not want to wake up from. Monster characters dream as if they are some character from something but some rare ones do not. No one knows it's a dream yet it is and everything is set in a fantasy world with areas taken from books or video games which the characters believe are real (in the Dream anyway). Dying means waking up but when falling back asleep your character ends up at one of the four or five grave-buildings. When someone does die they float up into the air as a black shadow. There's really no rules in this as long as we barely not break any of this site's rules. So yeah lets RP!


Our Epic Cast:

☮Sadie Skeletol☮♫ (BunniBear4)’s Roles:

  • Sadie Skeletol: The White Queen and Sailor Moon
  • Elpidia “Elpie” West: The Mad Hatter and Sailor Uranus
  • Zenovia “Zeni” Song: The March Hare and Sailor Neptune
  • Trideca “Tri” 13: The Chesire Cat and Sailor Venus
  • Catherine “Cat” Maitland: The Blue Caterpillar and Sailor Mars (DEAD IN LAVENDER TOWN)
  • Callidora “Calli” Song: Sailor Pluto (DEAD IN LAVENDER TOWN)
  • Damon Thanásima: Willy Wonka (DEAD IN LAVENDER TOWN)
  • Sybil Skeletol: The Princess of Weast Wonderland, Sailor Chibi Moon, and The Black Lady
  • Ivy West (OC by Maddy Hightop, used with her consent): Namine and supposed Sailor Saturn
  • Jovie Wocky: The Jabberwocky and Xion
  • Nessarine “Nessa” East: The Queen of Hearts and Xemnas
  • Hipcio Griff: Voldemort “Voldie”
  • Luna Fangs: Demyx and Sailor Darkury (Evil Sailor Sailor Mercury)
  • Ichabod Bloodgood: Slave for Nessarine
  • Agrima Reaper: Marluxia
  • Belladonna Fangs: Larxene
  • Julian Fangs: Zexion
  • Euronia Gorgon: Sedusa
  • Shonna Trick: Herself and Buttercup
  • Lolita Or: Herself and Blossom
  • Barbara Treat: Herself and Bubbles
  • Demetra Otherly: The Other Mother (In Lavender Tower's Basement/Hell)
  • Princess Zelda/Tetra (DEAD)
  • Princess Rosalina (DEAD)
  • Ginny Weasly
  • Fix-It Felix Jr.

KraftyKitsune’s Characters:

  • Arianna Furey: Rikku
  • Axel
  • Lorcan Furey/Captain Hook
  • Darcy
  • Althea: Luxord
  • Princess Peach (DEAD)
  • Peter Pan
  • Sergeant Tamora Calhoun

Felica Fright’s Characters:

  • Felica Fright: Alice
  • Jason Scorch: Harry Potter
  •  Daria Grey: Maleficent
  • Jessie Leeds: Bellatrix LeStrange
  • Cho Chang
  • Sirius Black (DEAD IN LAVENDER TOWN)
  • Princess Daisy (DEAD)
  • Tinker Bell

Zena’s Characters:

  • Alexis Underworld: Draco Malfoy
  • Lola Pop: Luna Lovegood
  • Chroma Prisma: Moaning Myrtle (Crying Chroma)
  • Lyron Melodia: Colin Creevy
  • Demeter/Ceres
  • Ron Weasly
  • Hermione Granger

Cannon Characters:

  • Toralei Stripe: Saix
  • Abbey Bominable: Vexen
  • Spectra Vondergiest: Rita Skeeter
  • Operetta: Herself and a waitress at The Cavern
  • Holt Hyde: Himself and a bartender at The Cavern
  • Deuce Gorgon: Himself and a chef at The Cavern
  • Cleo de Nile: Herself
  • Frankie Stein: Dorothy (Watzit is Toto :3)
  • HooDude: The Scarecrow
  • Robecca Steam: The Tin(wo)man
  • Clawdeen Wolf: The Cowardly Lion (she gets brave later though)
  • Headless Headmistress Bloodgood: Herself
  • C.A. Cupid: Herself in Cat's perfume which sends you into a dream-ception

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((Oo, That'd be nifty. He's kinda at Sadie's castle at the moment, but whenever the chance arises, I'd be totally cool with expanding that idea. :3 If it's okay with everyone else, that is.))

((I'm going to try to all get ahold you you to see if you want a reboot to celebrate 2 years? I have another out of nowhere twist planned to completely change the "art style" all the good guys are in and they're probably going to have to be like that for awhile too. Here's a hint to my idea:

"THE KAWAII RAY!" Nessa pulled the tarp off the device which was a giant laser with a bunch of buttons, glitter, and smiley faces.

"Um... What the hell is that supposed to do?" Belladonna looked at the thing with a face of disgust.

"It looks like death," Lunna growled as she trapped her new long black nails on the desk. Her hair was growing back but it was still sloppy, short, uneven, and black as a raven. Her skin reached a new level of pale while her eyes were blood red. She had lost her true identity.

"I shall show you!" Nessa giggled as pointed the giant ray at an apple "Just an ordinary apple will become..." she spoke as she gently pressed the button. Out shot a pink ray with white sparkles coated the apple. As it faded away a soft whisper spoke 'anime kawaii desu'. The apple looked ordinary, a rich red skin made it look appetizing until... "Its gotta face now!" Nessa squealed as she stared at the black eyes with large lashes, rosy cheeks, and little smile.

"Oh... my god" Donna face palmed "You could hire new chefs so I'm not eating Count Chocula for each meal but... You make THAT a thing."

The ray would turn them into chibis and all their normal powers would be void. Oh, not to mention no one would take them seriously. I also think Oz sub-thing with EVE, Daria, and the PPG thing plus Felix and Calhoun's introduction could happen during the time of them trying to get the reversal to turn normal again.))

((BUWHAHAHAHA, MY FACE AS I READ THAT. But for the record, everyone would be adorable....much to Jason's chagrin, I'm sure. XDDDD "Guuuuys! I'm trying to be serious! YES I REALIZE I DON'T LOOK LIKE IT, JUST SHUT UP AND LISTEN!" I'm both amused and horrified by this idea. XDDD Good grief. But I'm all for rebootin' and all that. I don't really come on here regularly, though, fyi. I do get email updates though when this and CC gets a reply, so, yeah. That's good. Also, that last bit of your idea sounds good to me, Sade.))

((You already saw my suppressed freak-out last night over this, Sadie. 8D Anyhoo, I'm totally game for rebooting Dreams. However, I'm gonna need some help from you guys if I'm going to get back to writing for Dreams. This is my first semester at Uni, and the first normally semester I'll be both working and taking classes. I also have a 4.0 perfect GPA for college and strive on keeping it that way for as long as I can. So I'd really, really, REALLY appreciate if we could all just figure out a time that works for all of us and then I can set aside an hour or so every couple days to soley focus on RP and RP ideas and pot bunnies. Also Sundays I will never have class or work; just church, but that's it. Perhaps that could be a good day? And I'm now currently exhausted and almost falling asleep at the computer, so pardon anything that doesn't make sense. Night!))

((Okay, now that I'm awake and more conscious of what I'm writing I think I should clarify some things: yes, I can probably post daily. No, I can't sit around chatting the whole time [knowing this kills me]; that's what the aforementioned 'set aside an hour or so' would be for. I'm also totally fine just chatting away about other non-RP-related stuff at that time. If there's a plot idea on other days, either message it to me in whole or write it in my chatbox and I might take a few minutes to respond. Also gonna say what I told Fel earlier: if I post about Ari/Hook, DO NOT CONTINUE with that story arc. Seriously, I've been trying to get Hook out of there and end what was supposed to be a quick reveal for like 5 pages. T_T Time to hit the good 'ol fashioned alarm button that sends all to their battle stations. XD And perhaps somehow this 'kawaii ray' [I cringe calling it that] could turn Fel mini Alice size!

Also, side note to Fel: when should we add those 50+ posts we did? I have a feeling it should go before the whole chibi episode. Oh yeah, and I meant plot bunnies.))

((Alrighty, Krafty. :3 Unfortunately, I have NO idea what my schedule is going to turn into. I plan on trying out for the Fall Play (which I was NOT in last year, so I don't know the schedule for that) and the musical when that starts up in November (on a totally unrelated sidenote, auditions for that start on my birthday. IF THAT ISN'T A SIGN, I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS! XD) and such as that. But, similarly to Krafty, I can/will try to get on and post and what not, just not chatting and whatever. 

But oh. My. Gosh. Krafty, you're BRILLIANT and I'm fangirling SO hard at the idea of mini Alice Fel! 8D And I dunno, whenever it works out, I suppose? And thanks for clearing up that plot bunnies bit. XDDDD That gave me a laugh,))

((Yes! This is perfect! You seen what I wrote on Tumblr, and you know how excited I am for this. As for schedules and such, I think I'll definitely have some time, especially since I don't have any serious exams this year.

When will the Epicness of Dreams continue? As in, when will we start RPing?))

((Okay, sorry attempt for getting back into the groove of things coming right up. Also, best of luck getting in those plays, Fel! Mind me asking which plays they are?))

A loud groan escaped Ari’s lips as she sank into a nearby chair, hand over her eyes (as if that’d help the headache she felt coming on from this). She’d done all she could and more and Zeni and Elphie STILL wouldn’t believe her. “Oce-“ She raised a hand to halt whatever her father was going to say. “Just go…”

For once, Hook listened to the wisdom of his only daughter (finally!). But not without a final word. “Like I said, Ocean Eyes, Grace and I’ll wait till hell freezes over for y-“ He was cut off by a loud growl followed by a string of the foulest sailor’s curses he’d heard in a while – she even gave his crew members a run for their money! And with that, Lorcan swept his hat off in a hurried bow, opened his portal, and was gone.

Only after the fact did the now-standing Ari realize she’d let her sailor mouth loose in front of not only the Queen and nearby servants, but also in front of Fel. Turning gingerly around, she was half-expecting the others to be covering the smaller girl’s ears.

((If Fel makes some cute naïve remark like “where’s the soap”, I’ll just die of laughter. And Ari’ll die of embarrassment. XD))

((Thanks! ...And I actually have NO idea yet. I'VE BEEN WAITING TO KNOW WHAT THE NEXT MUSICAL IS SINCE LAST YEAR! X_X Also, Zena, WHAT IS YOUR TUMBLR?! :D Ya see, I HAVE one now, so! 8D))

Fel was trying not to cringe. She really was! But, of course, she cringed involuntarily quite a few times. (She mentally added to her list another reason as to why she would be a terrible pirate- she hadn't the vocabulary for it.) "Anyone have ear bleach?" she weakly asked, trying to make light of the whole situation (knowing that things were obviously just a tad tense), but she ended up sounded a bit half-hearted. 

Jason actually pulled out his wand. "I know the Memory Charm?" he said, not quite sure if the little ghost had actually been serious or not. After being greeted with silence, he awkwardly shuffled about. "Sooo...that just happened..." he began, hoping to start a conversation of some kind.  

"Well was an experience I never want f̕͟͜͢ŗ́i̶̛͟͠c̴̨̧̕k̸͝i̴̧͞͞ņ̛́g̸͝ experience again!" Elpie groaned and she sunk down towards the floor. Her swear just came out of muffled computer noises and had a black box appear on her mouth out of nowhere.

"How are you doing that with your mouth?" Sadie asked as if the previous swearing was all fun and games.

"You mean this s̵̶h̷̨͜҉l͘҉i̴̡͟p̡̀͠i t's totally natural... I think," she replied being sure to use another blatant swear. 

"I call black magic!" Tri exclaimed with jazz hands.

"I callyou need to shut the ff̷̡̡r͏̕i̶̡̛ć̴͘͞k͘ up! Anyway what should be next on our agenda?" 


"So you're sure about a futuristic robot and evil witch being in the Wasteland of Oz Bubbles?" Blossom asked concerned that they were just going to run into nothing or even worse, that she was right an they couldn't handle them.

"I'm a completely super dooper sure!" she grinned as the trio of sister flew on their way to the wasteland.


"MMmmmmm.... Luna and Donna please report to your highness' office! MMmmmmmm-kay?" the Queen called on the internercom to introduce the second invention she had made, or you know, had made for her since she a lazy ff̷̡̡r͏̕i̶̡̛ć̴͘͞k͘ .

((Swearing! Yay for swearing and Scott Pilgrim references. Anyway I'm back too. I had a teacher that caused me severe anxiety and I had to get that taken care of. My schedule is now nice I and like everything now so it shouldn't be too hard to balance this and school.Also welcome back Fel! :D))

((This RP has an official stalker. XOXO luv yew guise xD))


Also, I'm thinking of ridding the whole Idris/Renly thing. I don't think I need to throw in more characters.))

"You poor little things," Alexis said, stroking the rose's petal. "How could they do this to you? You're defenceless, you're nothing but a simple little beautiful thing, and I won't stand for this!" She pulled out her wand, gripping it tight, and muttered a Transfiguration spell.

She wished it did what she intended, but instead of turning red, the flowers grew at a wild pace, before they managed to pull themselves out of the soil. Alexis fell back with a panicked yell. "The flowers! They're alive! Stop being alive, flowers! I mean, you're technically already alive, but you don't have to be just as alive as normal people are! Flowers! Why must you do this to me?"



Lola turned around, hearing a voice. "Hey! Who are you?" she said, facing the mirror. A dark-haired girl was facing her.

"Crying Chroma, at your service! I'm just doing some testing on mirrors," the girl grinned, twirling a lock of brown hair. "You're Lola Lovegood, I assume. Daughter of that cracked lunatic."

"Dad isn't a cracked lunatic– or whatever you said! Don't call him that! But hello Crying Chroma! What's up?" Lola's expressions when from a frown to a beam in a few seconds.

"Oh, nothing really. Well, off you go, Lola. I'm going to check if I can get contact of a certain fabulous little Death Eater... I lost contact a while ago ever since she got attacked in the school bathrooms." Chroma's face flickered, and the mirror returned to it's original state.

"Contact a Death Eater?" Lola gasped aloud. That meant Chroma was working for Voldemort! Or had connections or something! Which also meant that she could be spying on Hogwarts for Voldemort! This was very bad! She had to inform the others.



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