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EDIT: [6-4-12] I AM NOT TAKING ANY MORE REQUESTS AS OF THIS POINT. This thread will soon be revamped when summer break hits for me. As of now, this thread is dead, so to speak.

It's that time again. Anyone interested? :3


  • One request per person please!
  • I only do girls, as if I do mansters, I will fail epically.
  • I can say no if I want to, for whatever reasons.
  • Please specify if you want it in colour or just ink.
  • PLEASE, if you repost anywhere, give me credit! [If not, I shall accuse you of art theft and send the Daleks upon you!]

Art Samples: 

Necromancer in training.

Mirror Mirror, on the wall.

[Espella belongs to Aretina.]

Request List [Will be updated with links to finished requests over time]:

1. Daphne Jones: Alexandria S. Elkins. [DONE!]

2. Belladonna Eye: Missy Doctor Dalek. [DONE!]

3. Operetta =D (Miss Madeline): Maddi Hatter [DONE!]

4. Angelina Dark: Magnifique Uni. [DONE!]

5. The Talented Miss Breanna: Lori "Nerds" Wonka. [DONE!]

6. Poizina Nightshade: Cara Scare. [DONE!]

7. Kenzi Miller: Aubade Grudge. [DONE!]

8. Demi Chaos: Demi Chaos.

9. The Dark Lord's Daughter: April Hare. [DONE!]

10. awalk: Rylee Peta

11. MadeThisWay: Danny Johnson.



Right, any questions? 

*Also, some pictures may not be uploaded right away since my scanner tends to not work at the worst moments.*

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Can I have a request? (I tend to be quick at finding these types of discussions XD) can you please do Maddi? Colored please!
Thanks Maddy!

This is nice of you! Could you do Magnifique Uni for me (my unicorn) Link Link

Could you do Missy Dalek, please? Also, could you design some bottoms and shoes for her please?

All requests shall be done! *cue the YAYZIES!*

Though I list them in whatever order and do it in that one. ^^;

  1. if ossible could i please have a color daughter of a super hero,sandy super

Can you do my Killer Scare Crow girl, Cara Scare?



You now how much I am obsessed with your art.

But, if you want, I do have a new OC..

OOH! ME! ME MEMEME. [Sorry, I'm hyper right now. XD]

Yes I do. :3


Kenzi Miller said:



You now how much I am obsessed with your art.

But, if you want, I do have a new OC..

Could you do Demi Chaos please?
(Above is link to bio!) If yes could it be in color?

So, Aubade Grudge:

Sorry no pic yet.

Long black hair, straight.

Grey- light blue skin tone (mostly grey)

Red eyes, long lashes.

Dark black dress, with a red belt

Red flats

Could you do Rylee? She has blonde hair, worn straight, and is wearing this outfit:

Rylee's FD Outfit


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