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Hey! I'm moving and so I'll be selling quite a few dolls. Below is what I'm selling and the price. I also want to trade one of these for an Ashlynn Ella doll in good condition with her diary and brush and stuff. If you want picture of certain dolls, just ask. All the dolls are loose, but come with all their accessories, pets, brushes, stands, and diaries. They're all in great condition.

Wave 1 Frankie- $30 I'm open to negotiation on this.

Wave 1 Clawdeen-  $30 I'm open to negotiation on this.

Wave 1 Ghoulia Yelps- $30 I'm open to negotiation on this.

Howleen (from Howleen/Clawdeen 2 pack)- $15

Gigi Grant (basic from 13 wishes) - $25-30 [this one took forever to find, good lord]

Twyla (basic from 13 wishes)- $15-20

Robecca Steam (basic) - $20

Toralei (basic)- $25

Skelita (basic from scaris line) - $15-20

Maddy Hatter (basic from EAH line)- $15

I have other dolls, so I may add more in time. Thanks!

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Oh derp. Mah bad. I uploaded an attachment of Gigi.

Does toralei have her tail?


Yeah, totally

Yeah, totally. Toralei's pic should be up there, attached.

Do you have a picture of Ghoulia?

Yes! Sorry I'll upload that ASAP, I was out of town.

Okay I just posted a picture of her!


Is Robecca still available?
How much is shipping? Would you take $15 for her?


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