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Hey guys, just wanted some pro tips as to how you go about repainting bodies and faces (not the details, just the skin tone) and what tools/paints you use. I'm thinking about trying to get a spray gun of some type, but I don't know what sort of paint would be best.

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Thats what I was wondering!
I`ve heard that most of the people use acrylic pains(with paint brushes) for both-body and face.
Does it leave a thicker finish?

Honestly, i have no idea.I`ve never used such a thing.

I think this might help you at some point -->

i use Acrylic paints with paint brushes you may want to use thinner though

This is my repainted Helena:

I used a cheap airbrush that I got from a friend of mine and some white airbrush paint for her.  I liked it with the airbrush because it made things nice and even (no brush strokes), but I totally got a fingerprint on the side of her face early on and had to start over. Also not shown in the picture is that the paint cracked on the left side of her face, which I didn't notice until after I sealed it.

I removed her head, forearms, and hands and painted them and her body separately.  I'd suggest not painting the joints on the forearms and hands so that they still fit back into place.  The paint on mine chipped around her joints (which I expected, you can sort of see they're still green in the picture) but she still moved all right.  When I put her back in the stand, though, it scrapped off some of the paint on her torso.  You can't see this when she's wearing her dress, thankfully.

I did several layers of paint and let her dry overnight.  Then I did about three layers of sealant before I got started with the rest of her paint job.


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