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50+ monster high dolls for sale plus many custom fashions

Hi again everyone. I have more monster high to sell (and still some Victorian fashions too). I have nearly 50 dolls to sell. Most are complete and never played with, but only displayed. Mint. For years, my daughter and I have collected together, and we started out buying duplicates of most dolls. Now, with so much coming out, we are buying only duplicates of new characters and not every doll. So the extras are going. It is just too much now. I posted it all once again to my flikr page (link below). If you scroll over each picture, and read the title, it will tell you if the doll is complete or not.

Now, I never even thought about stands and brushes when I took the pics, but we have all those too and if you want them and they came with that doll, just ask. I can't promise you the exact color stand that came with that doll but I can promise a black stand and the correct brush.

In a separate flikr set, I have monster high victorian dresses and in yet another set, I have posted some stunning fashions by AGhoulsNightOut (also goes by LangeDollCouture). Lisa's fashions are THE most amazing out there. They are gorgeous original designs, quite complex, and expertly made, with tons of tiny details. They are a bit pricey, though. Each one cost anywhere from $20-$50 off etsy. So they are not cheap, but definitely the most unique and beautiful you will find. And since I am re-selling them, you will get them much less expensively than usual.

I have not posted yet, but will be posting soon, another set that will have fashions from Ghoulia's Closet, another wonderful seller on etsy (and less expensive).

I thought I would ask $12 per doll or $10 per doll if you buy five or more.

I don't honestly know what to ask for the fashions yet, but if you tell me what you want, I will try and figure it out.
I do just ask that you buy more than one or two. I don't want to send out a ton of packages holding just one doll or fashion. It is too time-intensive for me and I am super-busy these days. I'd rather sell in lots.

One last thing, too. I want to try very hard to give the people who ask first the first choice, but last time I did this - I was quite frankly overwhelmed with the response. I have this posted on several facebook groups too, as I want to finish up quickly and get back to my overdue work. I will do my best. It is probably best if you message me through here or on facebook. If you leave flikr comments, I might not see those right away.

Also, to make it easier this time too, if something is definitely sold and paid for, I will delete it and if it is on hold, I will put that in the title.

Lastly, I am slow. I am working on my freelance projects at the same time, and really busy. So if you pm and don't hear back right away, don't worry. I will go in order, but it will take me some time.


Here are the links:

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Hi, I'm interested in Cupid's outfit, the LIV Alice, and the pink dress at the bottom of this picture:

What are you looking to sell for each one?

Interested in cupid pieces and art class skelita

Interested in Die-Ner Draculaura if she's still available. Sending you a FR.

I sent you a friend request, Malinablue. I am very interested in quite a bit of your doll clothes.

Sent a FR~


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