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Just a quick wishlist of things I want to buy/trade for.


Outfits and accessories:


SS Lagoona's outfit.

DOTD Clawdeen's shoes, icoffin, purse and invite.

DOTD Frankie's outfit

Sweet 1600 Frankie's shoes

Sweet 1600 Draculaura's shoes & Purse

Holt's headphones

DT Cleo's nightlight

DT Frankie's Icoffin dock

DT Ghoulia's brain puffs

DT Draculaura movies

School Spirit Deuce outfit

GB Clawdeen outfit

Classroom Ghoulia glasses, goggles


Various bracelets



Paper bits and bobs:

Howleen's diary (US version) Back of Howleen/Clawdeen two pack box (With Clawdeen's rant about Howleen)

Survival guides (US version) Home Ick, Mad Science, Physical deaducation.

DOTD box back (US) with itinerary.



DT Draculaura (Nude of complete, don't mind)



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Comment by North on June 13, 2012 at 5:48pm

My stores always have Deuce's casketball outfit. It's usually, uhh, $7-9 I think... My stores also always have DT Draculaura. I dunno if I can afford a trade right now, but what do you have available?

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